Show #114: Maybe Jack Thompson Was Right…

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In this episode Joel and I talk in the general direction of Aegis Wing.

Opener: Steel Batallion – Soy Sauce
Cajmere – Percolator

This show is about:

The Phillie Phanatic

Baseball Hot Dogs

Time Distortions

  • The Phillie Phanatic and phallic hot dogs? NOTICING A THEME.

  • I finally snapped, and was going to lambast you for hating on a lot of recent shooters, and call you on on Ikaruga not being a bullet hell shmup, but then you started talking about hot dogs slathered with mustard and relish, and you know what?

    You’re all right by me, David Q. Riley.

  • djdrastic

    WTF Does the Q in his name stand for ?

  • I first learned of the word “aegis” from the original Final Fantasy for the NES, thank you very much.

    I would like to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for using the term “shooter” to describe these games. Every time I hear someone use the term “shmup” as some sort of retarded abbreviation of “shoot ’em up” I get enraged. Gerald knows this and uses it against me. All I have in my favor is the Wikipedia article stating that the term is looked upon with disdain outside of Europe, but it lacks a citation. :(

    Also, Time Crisis is not the only game Dave is good at, considering his ability to play Ninja Gaiden and Symphony of the Night. I would really want Jack Thompson to be right if only it meant that playing a lot of Ninja Gaiden would make me capable of running along walls, killing lots of people, and evading detection when scoping out them rude tittays.

  • Actually, I think Spanks is confused. He’s probably thinking of our good buddy Jonathan Q. Skabla. My full name is actually David S. L. R. Riley, but I’ll leave that up to your interpretation.

    “shmup” is about the term I hate most in the entire world. I’ve never jibed with that. It’s a shameful thing.

    Also, I’m only good at Time Crisis II. Time Crisis is too hard.

    And thanks Daryl, I guess I do rock out after all. 8)

  • Actually, I think you’re confused, because I am 99-100% sure that Q. is your middle initial.

    Well, I disagree with your use of the term “Castleroids,” because the proper nomenclature is clearly “Metroidvania.” An acquaintance of mine is super serious about shooters (like he holds scores in the worldwide top 10 for some games) and he calls em shmups, so I figure it’s good enough. You can call them whatever you want, but I’m not going to quote wikipedia to someone who’s single credit cleared more shmups than I’ve even played. Besides, “shmup” still isn’t as stupid as Squeenix, if you’re going to bring up stupid terminology.

    Time Crisis 1 is also poop that I would only play when the Virtua Cop 2 machine in my arcade was broken.

  • The Joel

    I can’t emphasize enough how much I thought that word was “shump.” This is probably because the other one sounds too much like a muppet for my taste. “Shmup”? They both sound stupid but I find this one harder to get my head around.

    As for aegis, maybe I meant the only appropriate way to learn the word aegis from the Iliad.

  • Jive Turkey

    The Phillie Phanatic…i’d hit that!

  • Jive, unless you control your overpowering urge to hit everyone and everything under the sun, you’re going to end up contracting ROBOT FUTURE SPACE AIDS like me and Dave caught from Deunan Knute, and then you’ll have to use your enhanced vampiric abilities to fight crime in the future. Which is fine, but it might get a bit awkward when we’re arguing about who gets to drive the flying car to the crime scene.

  • David “Sex Like Robots” Riley?

  • More like David “Sexually Loves Robots” Riley. That’s how he got teh SPACE AIDS.

  • RJ Bubel

    David, the pitchers has all the advantages over the batters. Don’t forget the best hitters of all time only hit above .300 this isn’t cricket where you get a flat bat.

    As for Portable ops: I can’t believe it! Are you saying I need to buy a PSP….after the Kojima bashing I refuse to believe it. Also the director wasn’t the “Demigod” it was Masahiro Yamamoto. It’s been bugging me to let you know that you can make codec scenes go by really fast if you hit x twice followed by triangle. Now you can go back and play Metal Gear: Poly Picnic Dress-up.

    Dave and (the) Joel: Shooting is awesome, I go to the range every other week normally. Although it’s incredible awesome to shoot different handguns it ruins any game that use dual guns seeing how hard that would it be to shoot and hit anything.

    I thought that I just leave this for you also the Phanatic at least seems a bit normal compared to the met.

  • Colin

    That hot dog looks a hundred times better than a real baseball hot dog… Those things look like they were made out of freshly killed illegal immigrants…

  • djdrastic

    Dave ‘Sexy Lesbian Robots’ Riley perhaps ?

  • RJ Bubel

    ‘Dave ?Sexy Lesbian Robots? Riley perhaps ?’

    Agreed, and quite possible the best name ever.

    Dave where did you got all those middle names? I mean I feel like my name is too long with a Jr at the end..

  • Anonymous

    The best genre name is clearly the “cute-em-up”

  • Morio-Kun

    G4 TV stole your show title, proof: