Show #113: It’s a 50-50 Blend

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In this episode Joel and I lament the contradictory nature of Burn Up W.

Opener: Bleach – Rolling Star (by YUI)
Cutey Honey – Burning Up! (by Utada Hikaru)

Some notes about the music:

I use Bleach because currently some peoples on our forum are having a TOTALLY INTENSE DISCUSSION about scholarly criticism and shonen action shows. I’ve never seen a single second of Bleach, so I can’t really contribute, but GOD DAMN IS ROLLING STAR AN AWESOME SONG.

Similarly, Joel’s a moron for trying to equate Burning Up! to something as objectively awful is Burn Up W makes me want to tear out both my eyes and his. Burning Up! is pretty much the reason I’m still listening to anime music. It was certainly worth the $30 I spent on that Cutey Honey CD, the rest of which was total ass.

And on to the show!

This show is about:

Singing Rabbits

Frankenstein’s Monster

Apocalypse Zero (never gonna happen, The Last Otaku)

  • Erwin Rosales

    well, is time to add this into the dirty little secrets thread.
    Thanks Dave and Joel for making me remember THIS!

    The most weird part of the show was when the blond girl was trying to sell her clothes to get some extra cash and his partner is buying them

  • front-beat

    On the Case And In Your Face . Frickin hell that sounds like the punchline to a shitty porn video …..

  • Jive Turkey

    Burn-Up W is one of my favorites… I can’t believe you guys bad-mouth this. I’m officially done with this podcast.

  • Unfortunate… :/

  • Dude, I like GTA. Dave and Joel don’t, but I still listen to the podcast. Don’t be a wuss, it’s the internets after all.

  • Jive Turkey

    Dude… I WAS joking :P

  • Colin

    The next podcast should talk about some of the best news ever…. Starcraft II.

  • Thalasion

    “some of the most over rated news ever?”

    You misspelled something, I fixed it for you.