Show #112: That Wasn’t Sid Meier, That Was the UNIVERSE

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In this episode Joel and I wax pointlessly about “rockstar” game developers.

Opener: Einhander – Impatience
Deep Forest and Peter Gabriel – While The Earth Sleeps

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Telling By The Pixels



  • This show was an emotional rollercoaster.

    Also, this must be the third or fourth time Joel has sung that song in the podcast! Nice work!

  • What Dave said struck a chord with me. I’ve been a fan of a trifecta of nerdy hobbies (anime, video games, roleplaying games) for most of my youth and all of my young adult life. I don’t demand that other people conform to my tastes, but I wish they’d stop giving me flack about it.

    Heck, my dad still gives me flack about watching horror movies.

  • Ian

    I don’t know, certainly there are enough people both physically and virtually who share this phenomenon of fandom. I’m inclined to think that it would be rather disconcerting if my Dad shared some of the same pointless hobbies as me.

  • My new job not only blocks access to all web mail sites, but also all game news sites. This is probably for my protection.

    I don’t really read Kotaku or Joystiq or the various videogame news blogs with any regularity. Sure, they’re great for news, but there’s one reason why those terrifying sites such as Gamespy, IGN, Gamespot, and so on still endure:

    Reviews. And in the case of IGN, GameFAQs.

    What sucks is that while I always go on about how I just don’t trust the videogame media and hate their reviewing system, there’s no alternative but those sites when it comes to checking out reviews of games that aren’t exactly new. Discussion boards mainly talk about what’s hot now, so if I wanted to hear opinions about something from a few years ago like say…Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, the only readily available resources I have to find opinions on that are places like IGN.

    Sure, I happen to know that FFTA isn’t as good as the original FFT, which I’ve forced myself to stop playing for the last week or do for the sake of getting things done, but someday far away when I finally will be playing games for the 360 and PS3, the only info on Gears of War or whatever is going to be reviews written by a site I shouldn’t trust but will anyway.

    Mass Effect? Man, I still haven’t gotten around to even starting Throne of Bhaal!

  • Jive Turkey

    So.. you got any pictures of your ex-girlfriend? Now that she’s free, I’m going to ask her out. I just need her phone number if you don’t mind.

    Those chicks in the shopped photo..I’d hit them.


    Daryl: I read reviews for the same reason I read news blogs, to get the facts. I don’t put much stock in most reviewer’s opinions, unless I know something about their history, and how well their gaming tastes match up to mine. I read reviews to figure out how well the game performs, what it does, and I draw my own conclusions from there.

    And don’t feel too bad, just a couple weeks ago at a party I had someone ask why I had so many unopened DVDs on my shelf. I think it’s just a basic nerd truism that you’re going to by more stuff than you have time to play with.

  • kolibri

    This was actually a very interesting podcast…

    But I’m slightly confused with your usage of the term “game developer” – do you actually mean “game designer”, the creative force behind the game as opposed to a technical developer/programmer (or the development house, as I would use that term). Sid Meier and Will Wright are game designers, and so are Hideo Kojima and Shigeru Miyamoto (and I’m married to one so I’m heavily exposed to the industry without actually working on it). Unless I completely misunderstood you.

    In Japan the game designs are starting to achieve that rock star status, but here in the west we’re still long way away from that. There are only few big names, and I don’t see hordes of fangirls following them around… then again as with anything, Japanese like to take things to extremes.

  • Yeah, we meant ‘game designer’. Blame me for the improper nomenclature.

  • Dustin

    “Mass Effect? Man, I still haven?t gotten around to even starting Throne of Bhaal!”

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I keep telling myself I’m going to buy ToB, but never manage to do it. There’s always something new and exciting coming out (like Okami and Guitar Hero II), and the older games that interest me keep getting pushed to the side. One of these days I’m going to finally buy the first two Thief games. And I should get around to buying a new joystick, so I can play Freespace 2 agai–ODIN SPHERE! MUST GET!!

    Regarding game reviewers using the whole 1-10 scale: I think a big problem facing reviewers trying to “reclaim the 6.0 for good,” as a 1up staffer once said, is that the majority of gamers who post reviews on message boards or GameFAQs DON’T use the whole scale. If they like a game, it usually gets a 9-10 rating. If they don’t like it, it gets anywhere between a 1 and a 5. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for “average” or “pretty good”. For my “exhibit A”, I direct you to virtually any of the GameFAQs reviews page of a Final Fantasy game. For people who spend time on the internet, it’s difficult to ignore everything your peers are doing and tell yourself that a 6.0 is good.

    Anyway, great podcast, guys. I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday, and I’m really feeling like shit today. Having a new Fast Karate to listen to made the whole ordeal much more bearable.

  • Thalasion

    There is NOTHING more exiting than Throne of Bhaal.

    It is the best game ever created by a human.

    @ Jive Turkey- My ex girlfriend is free-

    (That was of course, just an exuse to post an embarrassing picture of her on the internets….)

  • Anonymous

    The photo shop ceases to be funny because you didn’t stick to the exact Peter Parker qoute.

  • The Parker quote isn’t what makes it funny…

  • Jive Turkey