Show #109: The Worst Thing We’ve Ever Watched?

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In this episode Joel and I are uncertain of the level of badness that Amazing Nurse Nanako aspires to.

Opener: Eyeshield 21 – Codename: Eyeshield 21 (by Kow Otani)
Patlabor the Movie – Ending Theme (by some guy whose name I don’t care enough about to look up)

This show is about:

Noah’s Fish Rock

BA Baracus

Awesome Fan Art

  • RJ Bubel

    I thought that you guys missed an episode, apparently the feeds aren’t updating on Google. I must say I really wanted to see some more adventure in Jones Soda…..

  • djdrastic

    Awesome show guys !!!

  • “Ender: Patlabor the Movie – Ending Theme (by some guy whose name I don?t care enough about to look up)”

    That’d be Kenji Kawai. I’ll tell him you said that, and I think he’d be very disappointed. (LIES)

  • Kamon

    That is some kickass fanart.

  • That?d be Kenji Kawai. I?ll tell him you said that, and I think he?d be very disappointed. (LIES)

    What’s embarrassing is I actually knew that, and just didn’t remember. Bad on me. :/

  • Jive Turkey

    Nurse Nanako… I’d hit that.

  • MC Burnett

    I just kicked my monitor across the office when the Eyeshield 21 music kicked on.

  • Hey, now. I continue to tout the wonders of Spriggan’s monofilament wire and miniguns, but even I must say that once Fatman bites it halfway through, that movie is dead to me.

    Dead enough that I still have not opened my DVD of it since “I already saw this on fansub, so I don’t need to see it again!”

    PS: Nicolas Cage, Action Hero is BY FAR the greatest Nicolas Cage. The Rock, Face/Off, Con Air, Windtalkers. I am proud to own these films and in fact own multiple copies of Windtalkers. I think I’d better purchase Ghost Rider, which I gladly saw in theaters, as well as Next, which I shall see soon since I had to see Spider-Man 3 and Hot Fuzz first.

    Nicolas Cage action movies are to me what the movie Exit Wounds is to you guys.

  • Tim

    I picked up Amazing Nurse Nanako way back when it first came out as well, and it really was the ‘what the fuck’ factor that kept me watching that show. That and the hope for more Arc Welder Polearm action.
    I actually recall noting to my friend that the show would have been better if they focused on the slapstick over the cheesecake.

  • Tim

    Oh, and she’s a third generation clone of the first Nanako, not a cyborg. Exploiting the Jesus Clone was a ploy to stop some odd degenerative genetic disease that kept killing the clones at 16. I’m kind of embarrassed that I still remember that, to be honest.