Show #107: Golgo 13 – Manly Dressup Doll

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In this episode Joel and I return to that overflowing font of humor: Golgo 13: Queen Bee

Opener: Violence Mars – Fast Karate
Golgo 13 – Turquoise Blue

Topics of note: “Violence Mars” has a podcast! Are we the first anime podcast to get a fan-made song?? I hope so!! You should listen to it! Also, if you don’t listen to the full 2 minutes of Turqoise Blue I put at the end of the episode Golgo 13 will SHOOT YOU THROUGH YOUR MONITOR.

This show is about:

Getting shot in the cheek (twice)

Natalie Portman

Pumpkin Joe (he’s comin’ back)

Bear Calvary

  • RobotBastard



  • RobotBastard



  • You see, the DNA was so old that there were parts missing from it…

    What the heck is “Goglo” 13? Perhaps the Google videos contained at the following link will shed some light on the mystery:


  • Colin

    Golgo 13 has been my role model for life ever since I saw this movie at a very young and impressionable age. I hope one day to be able to pork a woman I’m going to kill.

  • I’m proud to admit that I’ve totally stolen the name “Pumpkin Joe” for my own nefarious purposes.

    In a series of short stories I’ve written, Pumpkin Joe is a masked luchador with superhuman powers who fights the Silicon Chickens from Alpha Centauri. And he does it FOR GREAT JUSTICE.

  • Jive Turkey

    That bear in that Bear Calvary photo… I’d hit that.. but only if it’s a girl bear because I’m not gay.

  • Dustin

    And he does it FOR GREAT JUSTICE.

    What other reason IS there?

    I mean, besides copious amounts of money.

    Or women.

    Or–oh, screw it!

  • At what point are they just going to throw their arms up int he air and give us a show where Golgo 13 just destroys the entire world, with the final shot, of course, being Golgo 13 bedding some sexy Martian chick.

    Then shooting her in the head.

  • RJ Bubel

    I am hope I heard you right on the podcast, what is Prague? It’s the capital of the Czech Republic (or formerly known as Czechoslovakia) and it was a hot spot Mission Impossible (the first movie) opens in Prague, but ever since the collapse of the wall it’s just not the same anymore…..

    P.S. Having listen to both of you for over ten hours during my road trip to Vegas I have found several episodes that have nothing to do about robot or Mechs….but most of your shows do….and it’s awesome.

    P.S.S. When did you talk about Natalie Portman?

  • The Joel

    Natalie Portman is an on going theme in our podcasts/subconcious. Mostly because of the picture Dave posted in the comments. Man, she is a cutie-patootie.

  • djdrastic

    Natalie Portman , should be avoided at all costs.She looks like a boy band member

  • Dustin:

    What other reason is there? I’ve got one: because there can be no second chance when kung-fu is used for evil!


    That’s it–you’re officially my first fanboy. Did you know I made that thing you referred to as a final project for a TV production class? Aced it, yes indeed.

  • w3a2

    I can, for one, say that sufferers of PTS (viet vets in particular) don’t all have eye patches and do cool things like you talked about.

    my dad is one, and all he ever did is talk in his sleep and drink a lot.