Show #106: Heaven or Hell, One Shot Sure Kill Cannon

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Attention, we guest starred over at Paul Champan’s GREATEST MOVIE EVER podcast, talking about one of my basically most favorite anime movies ever, the 2004 Appleseed (with that cute ole Deunan Knute). I know 90% of you people on our forums are Appleseed fans. GO LISTEN.

In this episode Joel and I prove again that we’re crap at making up our own topics. So this time we wax nostalgic over our favorite Mecha Games

Opener: Appleseed – Burns Attacks (by Paul Oakenfold)
Appleseed – Burns Attacks (by Paul Oakenfold)

Apologies to Karaokeninja for the techno-rant that ensues. As a show of good faith, I give you links to his burgeoning podcast!

This show is about:’s Luke Smith (love ya, buddy! :( )

(Ontario) Tangrams

Twin Sticks



Hairy pits

No, seriously.