Show #106: Heaven or Hell, One Shot Sure Kill Cannon

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Attention, we guest starred over at Paul Champan’s GREATEST MOVIE EVER podcast, talking about one of my basically most favorite anime movies ever, the 2004 Appleseed (with that cute ole Deunan Knute). I know 90% of you people on our forums are Appleseed fans. GO LISTEN.

In this episode Joel and I prove again that we’re crap at making up our own topics. So this time we wax nostalgic over our favorite Mecha Games

Opener: Appleseed – Burns Attacks (by Paul Oakenfold)
Appleseed – Burns Attacks (by Paul Oakenfold)

Apologies to Karaokeninja for the techno-rant that ensues. As a show of good faith, I give you links to his burgeoning podcast!

This show is about:’s Luke Smith (love ya, buddy! :( )

(Ontario) Tangrams

Twin Sticks



Hairy pits

No, seriously.


  • Erwin Rosales

    She must be european :P

  • Thanks for the plug! works fine for linking purposes, BTW.

  • Modding an Xbox can be done in a few ways: a modchip (which costs money and requires a bunch of work), or the “softmod” method which I used. This method is completely reversible and the installation basically entails loading a save game.

    Doing this requires one of three games (all non-Greatest Hits or whatever Xbox calls them): Mechassault (but the very very first release; I bought three used copies and none were it), Splinter Cell, and what I used, 007: Agent Under Fire. I accidentally bought 007: Nightfire the first time. Once you do that, you download a modded save and get it on your Xbox. I did this with a Gameshark and its included memory card, so I can mod anyone’s Xbox using a copy of 007: AUF and the save on that memory card. Start game, load save, choose Install, and that’s it. Done. Want to restore your Xbox to normal, like if you wanted to play on Live or something? You can either choose Uninstall or you can start the Xbox with the tray open to have it boot up in unmodded form.

    Of course, the default Xbox hard drive capacity is 8 gigs, and that’s partitioned up a bunch. After modding the system, you’ll almost assuredly want to install a larger hard drive, and that requires a greater deal of effort. But if you just want to deal with emulators, you can fit several ROM sets on about four DVD-Rs that have all been premade and are available for download. At that point it boils down to whether your Xbox drive can read your blanks.

  • Klosterhiem

    Luke Smith on Fast Karate! You got chocolate in my peanut butter!

  • Jive Turkey

    That chick with hairy armpits… yeah.. I’d hit that.

  • CHAPMAN, not Champan. Your fingers slipped.

    For this breach of protocol, I have instructed the Great Space-Cockroach Horde to drop a colony on your house. However, it will be a fairly small colony, no larger than Rhode Island or perhaps Tazmania.

  • Erwin Rosales

    If I remember well the episode where you guys did not talk about Robots are the ones you talk about: Desert Punk. Koi Kaze and Elfen Lied, and you did not talk about robots in those episodes because not even robots can save those animes.

  • Matt E. Allen

    What? No mention of Xenogears? How can any list of great mech games not have Xenogears in it?

  • Well I can think of ONE reason…

    Xenogears was boring.

  • Thomas P

    Also Xenogears begat Xenosaga.

  • 40 minute cutscenes?

    EVERYTHIG beats Xenosaga.

  • I think he meant “begat” as in “gave birth to”.

  • O snap. Reading comments at 6 am is probably not productive for me. I read it as ‘beat’.

    But yes, that’s another nail in the coffin.

  • RJ Bubel

    Well Dave and (The) Joel there ya go, if ya had not purchased 360’s and PS3 you could of pick up your own arcade game! Well that assuming you had a quite large flat bed truck.

    Also everyone hates ZOE because it was one package with MGS demo and no one play the game for a year. That and you couldn’t use any weapons seeing as how they would destroy the people you were so desperately trying to save…..and lastly don’t ever doubt the power of emotions engine, it’s more powerful then the PS3 but no one can tap it’s full potential.

    P.S. I love the “My bad” brings me back Otakon and Thailand..and the 12 year old boy named Ming. Good work

  • Dustin

    Yeah, the cockpits on Z.O.E.’s orbital frames are a little…awkward, but if I could choose to have any mecha, I’d probably go with Jehuty. Seriously. Homing lasers? Halberd? Homing missiles? Zero Shift? VECTOR FREAKIN’ CANNON?! Naked Jehuty + all subweapons is laughably powerful, yet is no bigger than your average Gundam. Man, just THINKING about the wonderful, sorta-cell-shaded destruction makes me want to procrastinate on my essay for British Literature and play through the game again. Must…resist…

    Also, I once saw a copy of Front Mission 4 on sale for $7 and passed it by. I’m still kicking myself for that.

  • Thank you so much for putting a bit of Luke Smith in the cast. I am also crushed at his leaving 1UP, mostly because no one will be able to replace him on 1UP Yours. Nice to know there are other fans out there in the anime world.

    And as for mecha games, my favorite is still Xenogears, but I never used the gears unless I absolutely had to, so the mecha part was kinda not there for me… But it wasn’t boring… just slow and meticulous… they should’ve finished it.

  • I can’t believe you guys left off my favorite mech game: Berzerk, for the Atari 2600.

    And yeah, the hairy pit chick — pretty much. Not so much hairy as she’s just not had time for a shave in a few days, and that’s cool. She reminds me of the chick from High Tension, about which I had the conversation, “Hell yeah, she’s hot,” “Dude, she will stick a band saw in your face.” “Yeah, but check out her biceps, man. The band saw in the face would be totally worth it.”

  • The chick from Haute Tension could stick a band saw wherever she WANTED. Holy -crap- was she hot. Hoooooly crap.

    Loooooooooooooooooove you.

  • Ian

    Some “good” electronic music: Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin, Plaid, Boards of Canada, essentially people on the Rephlex and Ninja Tunes labels make what is referred to in pretensious circles as IDM (intellegent dance music) I don’t know about that, but their songs have more “good parts” than that raver crap you get from Oakenfold, so check them out if you dare. A good example is the soundtrack to the movie Pi.