Show #105: It’s Like Time Travel, In Your Heart

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Thank Joe Beccera for this exciting episode of Fast Karate, where we talk about Urda: The Third Reich

I was going to use normal openers and closers, but haters on the forums prompted a brand new, all Bubblegum Crisis 2040 regiment. Enjoy it… or else.

Opener: Bubblegum Crisis 2040 – Buglist (by Akira Sudou)
Bubblegum Crisis 2040 – Tunnel to the Center of the Earth (by Akira Sudou)

This show is about:


Fear Effect


The Last Dragon

Birkenstocks (with socks)

  • Joseph Becerra

    Wonderfully done Fast Karate! You tore this up better than I could have. I knew it was the right thing to do to send it to you guys.

    You know, after stopping Urda after the first 10 mins, I had amnesia for the next three days. I hope you guys didn’t suffer a worse fate for watching it to the end.

  • Richard Bubel

    My god have you seen this?
    This might just be the greatest anime site ever!

  • The thing about Urda is that it was pretty much made singlehandedly by the one guy who did the cutscenes for the Gungrave videogames, and it was made for like, Flash animations on a website. As far as being an animation made by one guy for his website, it’s somewhat of an achievement. But as something sold on a DVD…no. Especially not when you could spend roughly the same amount of money for The Professional: Golgo 13 on DVD.

    The first episode I ever saw of Urda was the one with the dual wielding the panzerfausts while standing on top of a moving tank’s treads then using them as tonfas, and really the entire thing should have consisted of such action scenes with such splendid disdain for reality, because that is totally awesome. As are Nazi chicks with monocles, which you neglected to mention.

    That’s the danger of Urda. Hearing someone talk about it and describe certain scenes makes it seem like it’s on the same level of Black Lagoon.

  • Erwin Rosales

    I am sorry but that website is not the best cuz they only gave Macross DYRL 3 stars :( , the rest are pretty accurate with the exception that Nazca got also 3 but Peru is not like that X(

  • Kamon

    I think (I hope) that he was only talking about the reduced anime scripts…most of which are pretty funny.

  • Awesome Episode Guys , Keep up the Good Work . Any chance you guys will release a dvd with all of your eps on , say middle of the year or so ?

  • Jive Turkey

    That Urda chick… I’d hit that.

  • Awesome Episode Guys , Keep up the Good Work . Any chance you guys will release a dvd with all of your eps on , say middle of the year or so ?

    Well I don’t think we were thinking about it. Is there any specific reason you want some? Portability? Extra features? We don’t have any problem with you burning your own DVD, if you just want a hard copy of the stuff.

  • Walter Bettencourt

    speaking of black lagoon, just finished watching it, and i must say its on a level above its own. not simply because it is so damned good but because revy digs some guitar wolf(see ep 21 or 22, i think it was, in the car, going through the radio stations…)