Show #102: Invisible Squid Zombies

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This time Joel takes a break so Andrew and I can talk about S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

Opener: P.N. 03 – Third Mission (by Shusaku Uchiyama & Makoto Tomozawa)
Crusader: No Remorse – Menu (by Dan Grandpre & Andrew Sega)

This show is about:

Bandwidth Metaphors

Gauss Guns


  • Victor

    I’ve been playing STALKER for a little bit now, and I just got past the part where you go in the lab with the flying shit. Love the game, although it’s way too difficult in the beginning, but now that I have the scope, the game just turned way easier and now pretty fun.

    I actually didn’t want to get the patch because apparently getting it means YOU LOSE YOUR SAVE. Which is bull, since I’m not replaying the first three hours of the game just so I can lose body armor now.

    I really wish there was a quick weapon switch too. Emptying a whole clip of AK and then switching to the P9m but dying because it takes five damn seconds to bring it up is horrible.

    Remember that mutant who screams and turns your screen red? The first time you meet it in the sewer outside Streloks hiding place (or whatever it was) my roommate couldn’t kill it and kept dying then just ran for the hills out of pissyness. When I got to it I ran behind the monster and stabbed a bunch of times. Miraculously it never turns around and just takes the ten stabs or so then dies. Needless to say my roomie was pissed.

  • weazel

    aha, i just figured out you are the D Riley because your comments of 2 podcasts back match the article you writ.

  • Really… you didn’t know?

    How did you find the podcast, then? :D

  • weazel

    Because it’s in your sig on TNG

  • w3eazel

    and, i hate to say it, you sound less intelligent than you write?

  • Says the person who just figured out “D. Riley” was secret code for Dave Riley? 8)

  • w3a2

    I meant that you sound more suited to humour?

  • Colin

    Andrew has a pretty smooth voice too. I’d say watch out Joel, except that the e-mail address and the website have his name, and it’d take far too much effort to kick Joel out then to keep him on the show.

    Plus, Joel is a hilarious hunk of man-flesh.

  • First and foremost, the original Blood made for the Build engine is one of the GREATEST FIRST-PERSON SHOOTERS OF ALL TIME, and the fact that the manwha Priest was inspired by it is why it’s the only Korean comicbook I ever bothered reading and the only thing released by Tokyopop that I’ve purchased all of. Naturally, they and the author can sense this as I think it was two or three years between volume 14 and volume 15, and even before then when nearly all other Tokyopop releases were released bimonthly, Priest was released quarterly. You can read Volume 1 for free on the Tokyopop website, but the first two volumes are pretty much entirely zombie massacre before the actual story starts. That is not a negative.

    But since that was never mentioned once in this episode…second, a lot of fairly decent games had very low Start to Crate times, such as the original DOOM which sported a rockin’ 0.00 StC. The original Blood’s StC was 24 seconds; by contrast, the horribly rushed sequel Blood 2’s StC was like 3 seconds. Deus Ex and Thief 2 were both around 5 seconds, though System Shock 2 was a CRAZY 45 seconds. However, that’s only because you don’t exactly move all that fast in SS2 and the crates are built right into your training regime. No wonder the Silencers in Crusader: No Remorse/Regret were so deadly.

    [Kingpin: Life of Crime aka “that game with the Cypress Hill music where every other word spoken was ‘fucker’ that I actually thought was pretty cool” got a StC of -2 for starting you off looking not only at a crate, but a flaming barrel]

    I shouldn’t have listened to this episode since I haven’t started S.T.A.L.K.E.R. yet, and now I know it is a game with weird physics and monsters and stuff. Lesson learned: I definitely cannot listen to Saturday’s since I won’t be seeing Paprika for a while.

  • You didn’t know Stalker was about mutants and radiation and shit? Do you live under a rock situated directly beneath another rock?

    But it might be wise to avoid Paprika… we don’t go crazy on the spoilers, but it happens a time or two.

  • Thomas P

    Damn it Dave. You had to remind me that P.N. 03 existed. Furthermore, it was for no reason at all!

  • The Joel

    Huge spoilers on Paprika, Daryl. You would be wise to stay away. I concurn with Dave’s incredulity. Stalker has been in development since I was a baby. A little baby. /i A baby embryo. /i I think the two sentence, gamespot description included both the words mutant and nuclear.

  • P.N.03 had an okay soundtrack… :(

  • weazel

    Also, Shadow Warrior was the greatest Build Engine game.

  • kolibri

    Andrew does have a pretty sweet voice, although not as nearly as sexy as Dave’s (obviously). I do miss Joel’s laugh though.

  • Although my true loyalties remain with my space-cockroach brethren, I can assure that if Joel is captured alive he will be returned to you unharmed as a good-will gesture. He is an honorable enemy, and we tremble in fear and admiration at the speed of his karate.

  • Dustin

    Joel’s recent prediction begs the obvious question: If space-cockroaches and space-dinosaurs were to fight, which side would win?

    Granted, even lowly Earth-cockroaches are hard to kill, so it stands to reason that space-cockroaches would be a huge pain in the ass to get rid of; but it also stands to reason that space-dinosaurs would be even more intelligent and deadly than their terran counterparts. It would be resilience and numbers versus brilliance and muscles. Hmm….

  • Dustin

    Oh…did I say “prediction”? I meant “predicament”. Curse my rebellious fingers!

  • Andrew does have a pretty sweet voice, although not as nearly as sexy as Dave?s (obviously).

    Nice to know SOMEONE’S still faithful. :(

    I’ll be sure to relay to Andrew how popular he was.

  • Dustin,

    Space-cockroaches and space-dinosaurs are sworn allies. They would not fight each other. They long only to crush the puny man-creatures beneath their cybernetic fist in the coming Robo / Dino Apocalypse.

  • Dustin

    Well…that’s not very encouraging. Does the human race at least have space-ninjas to help us out? Space-samurai, maybe? Heck, I’d even settle for space-dolphins, ‘cuz I don’t really like the odds humanity has of fighting this coming apocalypse all on its lonesome.

    And yes, I’m pretty sure space-dolphins exist. After all, Ecco the Dolphin taught us that our aquatic friends could travel through time, operate high-tech machinery, and (in certain timelines) create their own government that enslaves the human race. Space travel can’t be that much more difficult.

  • I’m not at liberty to disclose all the intelligence our forces have gathered, but it appears the space-dolphins wish to perish alongside their two-legged, terra-dwelling mammalian brethren.

    The space-octopi remain aloof, but we’re confident we can lure them to our side with economic benefits packages and a steady supply of Japanese schoolgirls.

  • The Joel

    I’m only a little jealous that a podcast that did not include me has generated this many comments. If I kill Andrew, do I become him?

  • Joel, you couldn’t possibly consume enough Coke to become Andrew.

  • Gregg Guffanti

    Andrew is only ok. I like him and all, but he’s no joel. Joel knows how to keep the conversation away from gaming and anime enough to keep me, a non gamer/fanga, interested. Plus, andrew’s french accent was almost unitelligble. I had a really tough time not invading his country and conquering it with my Prius.

  • Good Ep , I missed Joel (in a non homophobic way).Tell Andrew to speak a little slower .My Virtual SRS speakers have been incinerated after trying to keep up with the ‘Drew