Show #101: It’s Pure… Manliness

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This time we talk about Appleseed (the 1980s OVA)

Opener: Shaolin Soccer – Double Dragon

This show is about:

Shirow Porn


Robot Pimps

Deunan’s Sexy Helmet

  • As a fully paid up British person, I can inform you that “gets on my tits” is everday British slang, not something Manga invented. It’s used to indicate that someone or something really annoys you.

    The fact it appears in Appleseed is indicative of the fact the dubs were made in England using familiar voices from UK radio dramas like Lorelei King and Bill Roberts.

  • RJ Bubel

    “gets on my tits” damn well that’s Manga for ya. I was lucky enough to only had seen the subtitled version of this show. I’d completely forgotten about the Robot pimp shirt….damn this show looks so badly dated when held against the new movie. One thing I will give this OVA is that at least it has some sort bad guy where the movie basically there the giant spider robots….which are cool but they don’t appear until the end of the movie.

    As for Shirow he’s always been a little insane, there was plenty of weird panels in GITS that never made in stateside. Like Matoko in oil, I think now he’s step up to the really hardcore stuff….horse love, kind of like how Harry Potter was in that stage show about making love to horses…..gross.

  • It’s true that Shirow has always has his eccentricities (HELLO INTERNET LESBIAN AMPUTATION THREESOME), isn’t that be expected from just about any manga artist? To go to hardcore horse porn is just a whole ‘nother level.

    As for “gets on my tits”… I think I’m going to have to start incorporating that into my vernacular.

  • Anonymous

    This episode really cracked me up…keep up the good work guys.


  • Ah, I see you are not familiar with the interracial, hardcore tentacle sex scene in the original Japanese publication of Man/Machine Interface.

  • RJ Bubel

    Hey did you guys get a chance to check out Paprika yet? I am hoping that one of your upcoming podcast is about Paprika and all it’s awesomeness.

  • The Joel

    I think I’m gonna say “good” to that.

  • I’m appointing myself as Dave and Joel’s officially designated Masamune Shirow porn mind-poison tester. As such, it is my duty to be fully versed in all of Shirow’s myriad perversities, so Dave and Joel don’t have to.

    If I die in the line of this duty, my sanity shredded by the horrors that I have seen, tell my mom I love her!

  • Dustin

    But if you die, who will force your mom to watch Akira? WHO?!

  • Fear not, Dustin. The Make Mom Watch Akira Project has already borne fruit. In fact she liked it so much, she wants to watch it a second time before we podcast about it. Her conversion to “one of us” is nigh complete.

    And if my sacrifice will allow Dave and Joel to endure and review future examples of pure manliness, then I will not have died in vain!