Show #100: LOCK N’ LORR!

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This time we talk about Wild Zero

Opener: Guitar Wolf – Can Nana Fever (Jett Version)
Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl

Also included at the end are Let’s Get Hurt, Invader Ace, and Cyborg Kids

This show SHOULD be about:

How fucking drop dead sexy Kathleen Hannah is.

This show IS about:

Purple Equipment

Bass Wolf (R.I.P.)

Six String Samurai

  • Doug

    Oh man.

    Oh MAN.

    See? this is why fast karate is awesome. AWO and Geeknights are all fighting like cats in a sack, and you just ignore it and put this out.

  • Well that’s because Joel and I have recently decided to avoid anything that doesn’t involve ROCK N’ ROLL!!!

    Since their “feud” doesn’t involve even trace amounts of ROCK N’ ROLL!!! we’ve politely declined to take any part in it.

    Now I have to go get drunk and ride my motorcycle around. I -may- shoot a car, just to watch it explode.


  • The proof of the pervasiveness of Guitar Wolf is that when this episode was downloading and I saw “LOCK N? LORR!” I was thinking to myself “Oh my god is this one about Wild Zero???” I saw this movie basically twice at two cons. I missed the very beginning when I saw it at Otakon a few years ago and then made a point of seeing it when I saw it on the schedule at Katsucon. I’m convinced this is one of the best movies you could ever see at an anime convention.

    But yeah, you guys rock for doing this. Congrats on the 100th episode. LOCK N’ LOLLU!!!! Gotta get me that DVD.

  • I rock. And roll. All night long. Sweet Suzy.

    The record will show that even though everyone else is not cool, I made my contribution to the SPECIAL SURPRISE.

    PS: As powerful as Guitar Wolf is, I still like Versus more than Wild Zero. Buy Ultimate Versus in its swank Company of Heroes-style metal case, kids!

  • Colin

    I first heard about this show when Aaron at Otaku Generation gave it a glowing review, and I decided to pick it up. And wow. What a powerful, and deeply spiritual film. It set the standard for how life should be lived. The scene where he plays those chords, then slides the the top off of his guitar to reveal a sword… I creamed myself. Probably more than once.

    Damn good episode.

  • I watched — or experienced, I should say — Wild Zero several years after first seeing — or experiencing — Guitar Wolf live. That was the day I stopped being just a man and become pure rock ‘n’ roll.

    Guitar Wolf DOES use the power of his chords to blow people away. It happens during the opening concert footage, and is accompanied by crackling blue electricity.

    I don’t know if this film has any sort of popularity among anime fans, but among cult film fans, it is legend.

    And Versus better than Wild Zero? Please. Not that Versus ins’t enjoyable in a simplistic kind of way, but techno music and fey gangsters in silky shirts are no match for rock ‘n’ roll, leather, magic guitar picks, cars and bikes that shoot flames out the exhaust pipe, and a guitar with a samurai sword in it that can be used to slice an entire alien space ship in half. Plus, Versus has virtually no plot, where as Wild Zero is basically an entire religious mythology the scale of the Bhagavad Gita or Old Testament.

    That said, I was in a room full of guys who were commenting on how cute Tobio was. Oh, imagine the sweet, sweet surprise…

  • MC Burnett

    I saved Fast Karate until the end of the day for once. I’m listening to the Guitar Wolf tracks right now as I’m closing out of Flash. I feel like kicking out all three walls of my desk enclosure, setting fire to my monitor and making out with someone I don’t even know.

  • I am deeply mortified I have never seen this film, and in penance I must cleanse myself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

  • Tom P

    Fuck yes. Wild Zero is a great film. Much better then Versus in my opinion (though I think I might like Junk just as much as Wild Zero). Lots of fun.

  • Thanks a lot guys – you just made me buy Planet of the Wolves and Jet Generation on iTunes.

    And all this time I thought The Pillows were the awesomest…