Show #98: We Got Distracted

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This time we talk about Soul Reaver…? (not really)

Opener: Information Society – Ozar Midrashim (from Soul Reaver)
Kain and Raziel’s first dialogue from Soul Reaver

Penny Arcade’s Comic

Dyack’s Comic

Raziel (awesome)

  • Victor

    Really, Soul Reaver was an incredible game. However, if there was one thing that made me scream about that game was the block puzzles. Those block puzzles were enough to drive anyone insane.

  • Dude, he stuck his effing claws into blocks. That makes it all worth it. And yeah Soul Reaver was an incredible game, I think I’ll go and install it sometime.
    Also, I will listen to the podcast some more later.

  • I don’t get it. Why is Dyack sticking his band in a bucket of ice? Was he furiously masturbating to all the Schadenfreude or something?

  • RJ Bubel

    Dave (and Joel)

    I happened to see Paprika on Thanksgiving during it’s week long run so that it could qualify for the Oscars. And you need to see this flick, Kon certainly is one of the directors that just happens to have “it”.

    Regarding Crank of War, that part of the game was quite a pain. I guess they had to replace the rotating death wheel with something almost as annoying as that…

    I am glad (and sad) that E3 is gone, first off booth babes….and another thing I know that many companies really hate E3 for the fact they have to stop development and basically start working on a really good demo which can throw off schedules.

    BTW Good work on this episode it was quite off the wall and that’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned. Also do you still want hate mail? Do I sent them to see ya Saturday.

  • Damn you Bubel!

  • How could you complain about the puzzles in God of War and then call Soul Reaver the greatest game ever? The block puzzles had you pushing blocks while spiders respawned endlessly. I loved the game up until that point, then quit forever.

    One good thing about it was it had a huge Zelda-style world that flowed in a seamless fashion with no load times, something that Twilight Princess still couldn’t do. In TP the regions narrow into hallways at the connection points between areas, as if they meant to do dynamic loading while you were in the corridors, but there are still scene changes and load times. It is the worst of both worlds.

    Anyways, back to Soul Reaver. It is one thing to have Mario or a skin ny elf guy pushing blocks, but to have an undead soul-sucking vampire do it is silly. God Damned blocks. And spiders. Also, Raziel had late -90s hair, just like I did. Gotta love the middle part with bangs on a purple skeleton.

  • RJ Bubel

    The Joel

    Damn me about what…..Paprika? Or about the hate mail?

  • Dave


    The difference is that Soul Reaver had a good, well acted story that made it worth playing through the terrible box puzzles, and God of War has no story, no gameplay, and too much fucking emo. At least when Raziel’s sad about something he goes out and kills his effing vampire siblings. Kratos mostly just looked sullen and spun around with his ridiculous blade chains.

  • Dave:

    Good points. Also, let me congratulate you guys on what is by far the best review of FLCL I have seen anywhere. Everyone else makes it sound like a harem show, but you see it for what it is: The Catcher in the Rye with Kooky Wacky Robots.