Show #96: High Definition Boobs

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This time we talk about Chris Hecker and the Game Developers Conference 2007

Opener: Ikaruga – Ideal (by Hiroshi luchi)
F-Zero X – Port Town (by Hajimi Wakai)

This podcast is about:

This stupid Youtube video about Little Big Planet that I can’t get to embed:

High Definition Boobies

Miyamoto’s Dog

  • Kidd

    yeah Shrek 1 and 2 are Dreamworks…. not Pixar.

  • Jeff Tatarek

    I always wondered what shellaced boobies would look like. The picture on this page is a perfect example.

  • Dave

    Wow. I got a lot of mail telling me it was Dreamworks and not Pixar. Mea culpa.

    Jeff: That’s not even the worst picture of them jubblies. The scene immediately prior has her emerging from the slimy mouth of a tentacled monster. That Itagaki is a classy dude!

  • MC Burnett

    Whoa, dudes. I’m listening now and, I’m sorry, maybe I’m crazy, but did you just rip Pixar? Did you see the Incredibles?

  • Wait, you’re seriously going to buy a PS3 in a few months? Exactly what games are there for that system that are 1. unique to that system, and 2. actually worthwhile? The only thing I’m interested in that’s a PS3 exclusive is Metal Gear Solid 4, and I know you guys aren’t looking forward to THAT. LittleBigPlanet looks pretty good, but I don’t think Garry’s Mod: Platformer Edition is enough to sell me on the system, and my Ninja Gaiden: Black is safe and sound (and still not beaten).

    Were it not for the stupid backwards compatibility removal (assuming the PS3 does some fancypants upscaling to make PS2 games look better on it than they would if played on a PS2), I’d say there’s no reason whatsoever not to just wait for a year or two before picking that system up. The 360 wasn’t so hot when it first came out, but now it’s looking pretty darn good. I’ll get one once they figure out how to get Xbox Media Center up and running on it. Stupid Microsoft and their codec restrictions.

    By contrast, the Wii has multiple console-exclusive games out right now which I want to own and play. That said, after a month or two of having the system I still don’t actually own any games for my Wii since I’m waiting until I can get used games for $25 rather than pay $50 for them new. The whole Virtual Console thing isn’t that big a deal since I’ve already got several systems capable of emulating all that stuff anyway. Emulation, incidentally, is the only reason I sort of want a PSP, but there’s no way I’m shelling out the price of a Wii just for that.

  • Well, Joel didn’t rip on Pixar, that was just me. But yeah, I don’t really like their moves. I don’t like the jokes in them, and (like I said on the podcast) I don’t like the way they animate people. Maybe it’s too “uncanny valley” for me, or whatever, but they look so goofy and overstylized it can be tough to get past it.

    As for Wiis and PS3s…

    I love Ninja Gaiden, and I’m willing to pay a lot of money (for a system I was gonna buy anyway, likely before a price drop) to play it again with better graphics and additional content. This may come across in the way I talk about God of War, for example, but I’m pretty specific about the action games I like. Also, I’m stupid enough to buy the same game twice (fortunately I played Joel’s copy of Ninja Gaiden, so I was guilt-free in buying Black).

    I think Little Big Planet looks AWESOME. Best thing since sliced bread, and the whole “Game 2.0” (see: Web 2.0) concept really intrigues me. I’m maybe overhyping it a little and believing more in its potential than its real life abilties (after all, Youtube is Web 2.0 and THAT’s definitely a big ole bastion of forward thinking and culture).

    Really, it’s nice to have a reason to LIKE the PS3 again. I meant what I said, I’ll have one by the time Ninja Gaiden comes out, if not before that because of this backwards compatability BS (so much for liking Sony again). Europe now has the ability to play an EXCITING couple hundred games from Sony’s expansive back catalogue.

    And Nintendo’s hemming and hawing is really getting to me. I own Zelda, it was too long. I own Wiiplay, and it’s fun for about five minutes at a time. Super Paper Mario is gonna get bought because I still have some glimmer of hope that the series can be as good as Super Mario RPG was. Mario Party 8 is not gonna get bought, because I don’t feel like paying $50 for ANOTHER refabed version of candy land.

    And I still have yet to play a game on the Wii that isn’t a tech demo or a former Gamecube game. It’s getting a little frustrating.

    Waiting for Metroid Prime, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • bb

    im trying to figure out where that picture of the high def bobs came from, i know it looks very familair

  • Furyk

    It’s Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Like most Team Ninja games, Ninja Gaiden Sigma is filled with wonderful terribleness.

    Also considering Microsoft is asking for $479.99 for the new Black HDMI 100 GB 360, a 20 GB PS3 for $500 doesn’t seem that awful at this point.

  • When Mass Effect comes out, I’m buying a 360. Immediately.

  • kolibri

    Ah, sorry about getting into shit for agreeing with my AWO comment ;) But do spill the beans, can we read this pathetic whine somewhere online?

  • Dave

    It’s not as exciting as it might sound. As I said, this wasn’t said TO me, but merely related to me by a SEKRET SOURCE.

    What I received was this:

    “I actually put several hours into recording the F review and took real care to master it well , but then to get shit on by Fast Karate asshole “Dave Riley” who they still don’t know how to record themselves properly just gets me real fucking mad . . . for myself my time is rather valuable . . .”


    While it’s true that we “they don’t know how to record ourselves properly” and I’m sure that “for him his time is rather valuble” at least we pride ourselves on our impeccable grammar. :D

  • kolibri

    But, but… that’s almost like hate-mail! You made it!

    I like the way “Dave Riley” (if that is your real name) is dismissively in quotes. Yet, I think my favorite bit is how it makes it sound like you were so harsh on him and especially on his audio quality. Well, I don’t like you either, waaah!

  • RJ Bubel

    Daryl MGS 4 isn’t going to be only for PS3 Hideo has been saying how he could easily run MGS4 for Xbox360…’s coming just like how MGS 2 made it’s way over to the Xbox….the only real exclusives are going to be Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts when it comes out…..

    As for Wii I agree I really like the system it’s a great party system but when your at home by yourself you don’t ever really want to play it unless you haven’t beat Zelda yet. Also Wii had so much going for it after the launch when it was the system I thought that Nintendo would of figure it out that I want games for my system….It’s the reason why I bought an original PS, there weren’t any games for N64.

    Onto God of War 2….I like it but it’s way too similar to the first game. But then again I like it because I didn’t pay $50, for it I had a free rental from BB. But even then one thing that pissed me off is that for some odd reason this game has a lot of issues with either the game not letting you progress at the Icarus fight, or making so that you can’t get by the jumping section prior to the Icarus fight :(

    As for the PS3 I don’t have any desire to purchase one currently, but as you noted PS3 Big Planet is going to be awesome….and other then that there nothing better then that right now. And I am hoping that Ninja Gaiden can be as sweet as it looks……damn I feel dirty watching that.

  • RJ Bubel

    P.S. I posted the link for the best 25 games on the last podcast…..and yes Beyond good and evil did suck. That and I am also pissed that Nintendo isn’t releasing more DS…I have $100 in credits to Ebgames yet they don’t have anything….and the Wii is a POS in terms of power, it’s true. But damn I really want my Mario and Smash Brothers.

  • Dave

    Bubel: I don’t think it’s been confirmed MGS4 won’t be exclusive. I think it’s pretty LIKELY it won’t, but I haven’t heard anything saying “Yeah, it’s gone.”

    If you like Bejeweled, I’d highly suggest checking out Puzzle Quest. It’s pretty awesome, like Bejeweled except you level up and get swords and stuff.

    kolibri: If I hadn’t technically referred to his review as ‘yammering’ then maybe I would’ve gotten off the hook, but again I have left my tongue unchecked and his words have cut me to the quick.

    i.e.: My feewings are huwt too now. :(

  • Don’t worry, Dave. I’m sure Cogswell still loves you.

  • The Joel

    Regrets are for the weak.

  • RJ Bubel

    Check out this website regarding god of war III….well at least what I think.

    According to IGN this site has nothing to do with the PSP version of God of War. And deals with the original somehow….