Show #95: Experimental Fart Drug

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This time we talk about Memories

Opener: Memories OST – Nobuo’s Groove I (by Yoko Kanno)
The Magic Flute – Der H?lle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen (by Mozart)

This podcast is about:


Virus (starring Jamie Lee Curtis)


  • The car Rocky is driving in Rocky IV is actually a Nissan 300ZX Turbo (Z31). I’ve never seen the whole film myself, only that montage, I’m just a sucker for Nissans Z-cars.

  • RJ Bubel

    I remember Virus because their is this anime also titled the exact same thing, but it doesn’t matter what version you watch they both suck.

  • I had a Turkish room-mate in college. He was always buying inexpensive DVD 2-packs of his favorite American movies. One day, I ran out of things to watch, so I borrowed one of his 2-packs.

    The first half of the 2-pack was End of Days.

    I thought that nothing could possibly be as bad as that film, so I decided to watch the second film immediately in order to try and forget about the first.

    The second film was Virus.

    Virus was so bad that I think it gave me lycanthropy; I woke up hours later, naked, next to the half-eaten carcass of a deer.

  • MC Burnett

    I’ve culled this from the Wiki entry, but I trust it:

    The Sargasso Sea is a large region of the North Atlantic bound by different currents on all sides. It’s waters do not support much life due to high salt content, except a type of seaweed called Sargassum that floats on the surface. The Sargasso located close to the Bermuda triangle and its seaweed covered waters often tangle boats.

  • I was sitting next to a guy on the train the other day and could hear that, on his iPod, he was listening to the Rocky 4 soundtrack. To this day, “Burning Heart” makes me want to go lift ox carts and run up snowy cliffs. As my neighborhood is predominantly Russian, i see no reason why my life can’t be a rocky 4 montage.

    Incidentally — the Rocky 4 training montage: the greatest montage ever?

  • Which montage Keith? At least 75% of Rocky 4 is a clip of Rocky running through a snow banked river.

  • The Joel

    Also, this a link to a really good version of the Queen of the Night Aria:

  • Yeah, I’m thinking of the one that artfully juxtaposes Ivan’s super high-tech space age training with Rocky pulling Paulie around on an ox cart and stuff like that, though that “driving all around” montage is pretty good too.

  • ShoJu

    I hope Someone has already told you this but Dolph Lundgren is not Austrian he’s Swedish! And he’s a really crappy actor,
    as if you didn’t already know that…