• Erwin Rosales

    FLCL was a nice sorry about How a normal boy discover life thanks to a crazy Alien Chick.

  • While I realize that half+ of FLCL’s fanbase is probably the CRAZY KOOKY ROBOTS BLOWIN THINGS UP THIS SHOW SO GOOFY I DONT KNOW WHATS HAPPENIN’ kind, I don’t think that I’ve actually met these kinds of people. In fact, it’s hard for me to figure out how there are apparently so many of them – what, are they staying up late to watch adult swim while fapping to Haruko in a bunny suit instead of doing their 10th grade literature homework that would allow them to understand nearly all of the overt themes and symbolism in the show?? Does that mean that these are the same people that say things like “WHY IS THE GREAT GATSBY SUCH A POPULAR BOOK ITS JUST ABOUT SOME GUY THAT GETS SHOT”??? (oops, spoilers)

    oh god cant write any more blood pressure spiking

  • RJ Bubel

    I really like that song that opened the show, which one was that? Also I must say now that Joel has a very sexy nerdy voice……P.S. Gatsby is the best.

  • In regards to The Great Gatsby:

    I had to read that book four times before I realized what all the fuss was about. And for decades Gatsby was unpopular among the high-brow, academic literary circles. It was only fairly recently that it became the staple of mandatory high-school reading lists across the U.S.A.

    Also, that was the voice of Cogswell Pepperbox, not Joel. Cogswell is a completely different person.

  • RJ Bubel

    Exactly Fitzgerald’s best prized work at the time was “this size of paradise” Gatsby didn’t catch on until way after he died from the sauce.

  • Dave

    That actually wasn’t Joel at the beginning of the show. It was Cogswell Pepperbox, who is a real person.

    Thank god! I couldn’t live in a world where people thought that Joel had a sexy voice!!

    The world is safe once more!

  • Gregg Guffanti

    I hate it when you guys like shows. I prefer hilarious mockery of crappy shows. However,the extra production of this show was cool. I liked the clips. The song was a little bit too long at the beginning. Joel’s voice is sexy, says a girl.

  • Sony_CEO

    The pokemon rap…….smooth.

  • The Knoxinator

    RJ Bubel, that opening song is the FLCL verison of “Advice”. The original song, which, as Dave and Joel said, is not as good as the FLCL version, is from the Pillows’ “Happy Bivouac” CD. The soundtrack for FLCL is probably my favorite part about it, and I have since gotten every Pillows CD, and got to see them in concert last summer. Really a great show if you get the chance to see them, they rock out harder than most other bands I’ve seen. I couldn’t hear properly for three days afterward.

  • Here in Florida, there are many anime convention personalities. One of them in particular is quite fond of FLCL, specifically Haruko:


    Feast your eyes upon the One True Haruko:


    In addition to the spot-on portrayal of Bloodrayne that is superior to Uwe Boll’s, she is the greatest Haruko cosplayer, having made pretty much all of the outfits she has ever been shown to be wearing, no one else in the nation should even bother to cosplay as Haruko because really, they’re just imposters.

    I myself am the One True Daryl, which means that her boyfriend–also named Daryl–is seriously treading on my turf.

  • kolibri

    Joel’s voice is sexy, says a girl.

    Hearsay, your honor. Jury should disregard that statement.

  • Dave

    OH SNAP!

    Sorry Joel, the people have spoken.

  • Ian

    David you got it right on the money when you talked about the best part of the show being at the end of episode 5. You forgot to mention that while he’s giving this dramatic speech about saving the girl he’s standing in the mouth of the robot no longer afraid, he’s become a man and it is awesome.

  • mieko

    Dave… You are a fucking piece of shit.