Show #92: I Do What I Want!!

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This time we talk about Lost Planet


Also, I forgot to mention that the melee chick in Front Mission 4 was HOT AS HELL and had a Russian accent that was equally HOT AS HELL. That probably helped.

You’d hit it.

This podcast is about:

Doing What You Want

Onion Kids


Spice (it’s gotta flow)

The Comedic Stylings of Roc

  • Ice T was in Surviving the Game, not Ice Cube.

    I could see how this could be confusing to the layman.

    Surviving the Game and Hard Target are also the Greatest Movie EVER!

    So is Hard to Kill. And Out for a Kill. Basically any Steven Segal movie with “Kill” in the title.

  • Ian

    That’s right a new South Park tonight. Good job with the podcast. You guys are super consistent, which is nice when I’m considering my internet entertainment options.