Show #91: The Worm Scene

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This time we talk about Wicked City

This show is awesome, but don’t take my word for it. Watch the BEST TRAILER EVER!

This podcast is about:

Greg Snegoff (the man)

Taki Renzaburo (also, the man)

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Cool Guns

  • All I can say is: F’N A, IT’S ABOUT BLOODY TIME, YO! (^_^)

  • Anonymous

    Damn good trailer biatches!

  • Anonymous

    Regarding Matroshka – in my experience, it’s really not that hard. It’s two steps – you download Combined Community Codec Pack, and then you play it in one of the players from that pack. DONE!

  • Matrovska is the Devil Himself in software form. (*_*)

  • Kamon

    Codec problems? LOL NOOBS.

  • JerrKat

    I was hoping there was some great Giant Robot games I missed. But thanks for reminding me of ZOE:2.

    Matrovska, this files has always caused me issues. When ever I update, it always cause a conflict with an existing codec. Then you have to update it all the time. But my biggest issue is that I can’t get this to play on anything else but my computer.

  • Victor from Super Anime/Video Game Podcast

    Right when you guys mentioned Berserk, you turned on my fanboy button. You guys should really read ahead in the manga. Dark Horse has reached volume 15 and they do a pretty good job.

    Also, you didn’t mention one of the GREATEST BIG ROBOT FIGHTING GAMES EVER!!! Robotic Alchemic Drive (or R.A.D.) is one of the greatest giant robot games ever, and you know it.

  • Dave

    While CCCP (or defiler, or whatever) removes most of the issues with stuff like mkv, I’m concerned, as I usually am, with the mentality of the deed more than the act itself. It seems like a lot of stuff goes “We can squeeze, like, two more megs of compression in if we use this codec that nobody has!! Awesome!!” That doesn’t jibe with me. It’s a marginal gain for a not-so marginal loss.

    Also, I watch most fansubs on my mp3 player, which has a pretty robust Divx codec, but it can’t be expected to conform to every single little variant. Basically, I want the internet to stop inconveniencing me when I want to watch my cartoons.

    Victor: You’re about the fiftieth person that’s sung the praises of RAD. Is there something I’m missing here? I thought it got a pretty lukewarm reception…

  • Victor from Super Anime/Video Game Podcast

    It got a lukewarm reception because yes, the graphics are crap. Yes, the controls are sluggish. Yes, the voicing is horrible. But if one can accept all those faults, one may then appreciate for what it is: one of the most defining big robot games of all time.

    It’s almost like God Hand, where people either hate it for it’s faults, or love it for it’s faithfulness to it’s faults. After all, they COULD have made the controls tighter, but that wouldn’t be faithful to sentai giant robot segments. The developers COULD have made the game look better than Mega Man Legends, but we’re not looking at the sourroundings, WE’RE LOOKING AT GIANT ROBOTS PUNCH EACH OTHER! Finally, the localizers could have made the main scientist speak english correctly, BUT! Why not make German accents be standard for phd’s? I’m off here, but this game is great. Get it. Play it. Love it.

  • Watching the Wicked City guy get thrown through stuff all the time reminded me of the scene in Fist of the North Star where the punks are menacing the kids, then they watch Ken walk up, punch two skyscrapers and make them fall down — then one of the skyscrapers falls on him and breaks in half over his head — THEN the punks see that and actually attack the guy…? Why the hell would you even bother to attack a guy who just punched two skyscrapers and made them fall down, only to have one break in half over his head with no effect whatsoever on him???

    Sorry, that’s an incredibly poorly constructed sentence, but whatever, man.

  • To be fair, generic Hokuto no Ken thugs are not especially known for their intelligence. That’s what makes them so wonderful; their standard reaction to seeing a man’s head explode right before their eyes is “get angry and charge blindly forward with either a hatchet or spiked club” as opposed to the more common “shit yourself with fear and run for dear life.” This for the most part remains constant over 150 episodes.

    I’ve never had any problem with Matroska. It’s far less problematic a container format than OGM. I also use the CCCP, which has the added benefit of supporting playback for that crazy H264 thing and well, everything else. I can’t even remember the last time I had to update codecs to play something. I think when Gooberzilla said “Matroska” was the devil, he REALLY meant to say “HotRecorder” since it’s not as if Matroska was what deleted the Steve Harrison/Tim Eldred Gunhed show.

    Those who enjoyed R.A.D. are encouraged to try and import/acquire the PS2 Tetsujin 28 game. It’s very similar except you only control the robot. As for other robot games, for some reason I still remember Omega Boost even though I only played the Japanese version which was all English anyway. I think the silly FMV at the beginning was what did it for me. Oh look, it’s on Youtube!

  • I suspect that HotRecorder is, in fact, the software equivalent of Beelzebub, the Devil’s right-hand man. Together these two programs conspired to piss in my electronic oatmeal. Luckily, Tim and Steve are both good sports, so we’ll re-record. But we’ll never be able to recapture the brilliance of the original recording, and that makes the Magma Jesus cry.

    I wish I owned the Image DVD release of the Fist of the North Star movie, if only for the breaking-skyscraper-with-head scene.

  • Gregg Guffanti

    I am serious. I think Wicked City is poison for your soul. I don’t know how to express in this format that I am sincere. You should not expose yourselves to that kind of evil. It really does effect you.

  • Gregg Guffanti


  • Tim

    Actually, the MiB comic well predates Wicked City, but you’re right, a lot of crap in the movie is essentially a Wicked City ripoff.