• kolibri

    With the risk of drawing this out more than I should, I guess I need to explain my “shipping news” reference.

    It’s from an obscure British TV series from few years back called “Black Books” where Fran, one of the main characters has a crush on the guy who reads the shipping news on the radio (and this technically is the shipping forecast – maybe it’s an US/British language difference). And there’s this scene where she locks herself up in her room, takes the phone off the hook, pours herself a glass of red wine, goes to bed and turns on the radio where this guy with a totally dreamy voice reads the shipping news… well you can guess why – this scene has become legendary in some circles. Although I’m sure they didn’t just make it up, the world is probably full of women masturbating on shipping news around the world. If you like black British humor you should totally check out Black Books.

    Me, I’m not picky. On the subject ;)

  • Dave Riley is an American musician. Born in Detroit, Riley subsequently worked as an assistant audio engineer for George Clinton’s stable of Parliament-Funkadelic bands. He’s credited on albums Trombipulation and The Electric Spanking of War Babies.

    Riley suffered a stroke in 1993. Reports of a failed suicide attempt or a drug overdose were patently untrue; there is a history of early stroke on his mother’s side of his family.

    Joel White, the son of author E. B. White was a renowned U.S. naval architect known for his classic and beautiful designs including the W-Class of boats. Two W boats were posthumously built by Rockport Marine and Brooklin Boat Yard for Donald Tofias. They were christened White Wings and Wild Horses. White’s life and character were chronicled in the book A Unit of Water, A Unit of Time by Bill Mayher and Maynard Bray. He died in 1997 in Brooklin, Maine of lung cancer. His widow, Allene White, still lives in Brooklin along with two of his sons and their families.

  • Dave

    The shipping forecast has certainly taken on a whole new meaning…

    Is it absurd to be turned on by the fact that, somewhere out there, there are women turned on by something like shipping news?

    In closing: this topic can never be drawn out more than it should. My ego, like a waterlogged kitten, is in desperate need of stroking.

    Otherwise I could threaten to kill myself during a rendition of “Atomic Dog”.

  • I’ve played Smooth Moves with almost 12 people one time during a party and the thing is that the people end up being more entertaining than the game. I hate the swapping the remote idea too, but when you have a bunch of non gamers and alcohol it can be pretty amusing. That said it could’ve been so much better.

  • MC Burnett

    Hey, I managed to pick up all the trash. I’ve only successfully picked the nose once, though.

  • Gregg Guffanti

    I like the passing motion in Wario Ware for the Wii. It has the same excitement factor as hot potato. Especially in the angel game because it is not the same order. You have to scrabble to put down your beer without spilling it, orient yourself with the proper “form”, and then figure out the game. The passing of the remote is part of the challenge and could be used as part of the strategy in a hardcore game with jerks who don’t want to be nice.

    Also Wii sports is dangerous. We were playing doubles tennis with 4 people in too small of a room and I promised a friend I would not hit her and then I did, really hard. Beth has two brothers so she shook it off. Had it been Gwyneth, she would have cried. (No, she does not listen to your podcast nor read this forum, but neither is she “anti-dave”).

    The Shipping News is an excellent book and movie. You should read or watch. Joel’s impression with the pirate explosion was hilarious by the way.

  • Dave

    So many things to reply to!

    Burnett: Don’t lie. Nobody’s picked up ALL the trash.

    Greg (nee: Ben): Beth had it coming. Also, don’t try to cover for your wife. But it’s okay, studies have shown that most spouses are anti-Dave. It must be because I’m so adorable. :(

  • RJ Bubel

    I was only able to get all the trash on the easier level, as soon as you get to the third level of that came you lose…..that all there is too it. And yes Ehrgeiz was a sweet game, except the fighter sucked….I love trying to make money on the stock (wine) market. Ahh I wish I had a PS1 memory card.

  • Dave and Joel, check your e-mail!


  • The lack of multiplayer modes as good as the gamecube ones is sad, but I’ll still call Smooth Moves money well spent so far. I’ve spent an absolutely stupid amount of time hitting the ping pong ball up that tower, and the first time the starfox boss game appeared i came in my pants. Too bad starfox games are required to be terrible nowadays, I’d love a full game in that vein.