• Anonymous

    You animals! Moon Phase is the best thing EVER! Hazuki is hot! I LOVE gothloli lolis! I’m a pedo and a virgin goddammit!

  • Victor from Super Anime/Video Game Podcast

    LOOK AT MY GOOCH! *stab stab stab*

    That was pretty hilarious.

  • I want to be the guy who makes anime trailers. “Hey Dave, guess what? You need to make buying this series seem like a good idea, but NOT make it look like we’re pandering to pedophiles. Have fun!” And then I just cut together random clips to make it seem nothing like what it is. Like those neat recut trailers that circulated around the internet recently that made The Shining look like a romantic comedy and West Side Story look like a zombie movie.

  • MC Burnett

    I wish NYC would get the hell out of the Stone Age and embrace Wawa and it’s computer ordered hoagies and it’s space age checkout sound effects. My life would be a million times better if that were the case.

  • Why don’t these people just come to grips with themselves and rent Cool Devices? We all know what they really want is to watch some ten year old chick pee on her brother while she whimpers and a solitary sparkling tear rolls down her blushing cheek, and there’s already an anime title that gives them that.

    My measure for pretty much anything in life is, “Would the time I’m spending on this be better spent watching Fist of the North Star again?”

  • The writing of the narration in that trailer is pretty impressive. And it works for almost any anime title, especially Golgo 13 and Fist of the North Star.

  • Benjamin Bradly

    Trust me guys if you think that moon phase is bad on the whole under aged thing then you never even seen what japan is capable of. I can only think of two shows in which you can see the true under belly of Japan’s little girl craze. “kodomo no jikan” and “dance in the vampire bund” watch these two shows and your eyes will rot and your souls will burn, and the whole time you will totally be like “I deserve this for watching these shows.”

    In the immortal words of Randy Bachman “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”