• I watched the first ep of Trinity Blood while waiting to watch the first ep of Bleach on cartoon network and I just thought that it was boring. So I pulled out my gameboy and started playing SRT while waiting.

  • You’re right, only perverts drink Steel Reserve.

    I think that you should do an all-about-the-cat episode of “Fast Karate for the Gentleman”. It would certainly be more interesting than hearing about Trinity Blood.

  • You’re right, only perverts drink Steel Reserve.

    Oops. Fixed.

  • Aw, why’d you fix it? I liked it better the other way.

  • Oh snap! I was trying to figure out what the wheelchair thing was all about on the word verification thing. I had no idea blind people use the internet. What’s the point?

    Do you think people have a website up somewhere making fun of blind people? Do you think they have a handicapped access link so the blind people will know about it?