• Godannar swings back and forth between really terrible (like a whole episode about how one the pilot wants to fuck his sister/copilot) and really awesome (whenever Godannar kicks the shit out of some alien with SOOOUUULLLL BRRREAAAKERRRRRRR!!!!!!)

    I’m pretty sure i reccomended you do an episode on it at some point in the past, and I stand by that.

  • Actually, I think what you said was that Godannar is a show that would get you smacked by your wife if she caught you watching it. Which is pretty much true, but I still think that it would be right up your alley, so just make sure that she isn’t around when you do watch it.

    And I’d argue that it isn’t really terrible; it’s more just really freakin’ wierd. Like, they’ll pull out plot points and you’ll be all “what the Christ is going on here?”

    And the incest thing isn’t even the wierdest subplot that shows up…although the one that trumps it doesn’t show up until pretty late in the series (the later teens, I think.)

  • “Babylon” is generally a metaphor for exile or an accute sense of being out of place. Bob Marley was in the Babylon of the white ruled western hemisphere. The jews were in the Babylon of literal Babylon, unable to worship the way they wanted to, and some Christians have considered the whole world to be Babylon because they, being citizens of heaven, are no longer meant to fit in to the old ways of the world. Tokyo may be Babylon to Subaru because from what little I gathered from this podcast he is other worldly and totally a stranger.

  • I was the one that said Godannar would get you smacked by your wife, although I think I actually used the phrase “punched by your girlfriend”.

    I stand by my opinion that no one should watch this show. But I get the feeling Dave and Joel are eventually going to give in and experience the same pain I did. Lord knows, I wasn’t smart enough not to watch Desert Punk. :-(