• There was an episode of Law and Order: SVU this season about a teenage girl with this disease that caused her body to age slowly, so she was old enough to be considered an adult but had the physical qualities of a 12 year old old. She got into this relationship with some 20-something who clearly liked tapping that prepubescent bod, but they argued in court there was nothing wrong with the relationship since she was actually old enough to consent. I can’t recommend the episode entirely, because it was while Mariska Hargitay was on pregnancy leave, so she’s not in it much. They did introduce Stabler’s new French speaking blonde hottie partner at the end, though. So kinda worth watching.

  • Post-podcast I was indeed thinking of that very episode, Burnett. That’s actually the last I’ve watched of the new season. Not from any lack of wanting too, Tuesday at 10 is just a tough time to remember for a TV show.

    Plus no Mariska Hargitay is… well, pretty tough. Blondie hotties are all well and good (and DAMN if she isn’t cute), but Mariska was always my first love.

  • Al
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