• Anonymous

    God Damnit Fast Karate!
    You bastards made me choke on my bruschetta and cheese roll while ripping this show apart lmao.

    Please review something good next show.

  • No one in New York would ever make reference to a hoagie, because those savages call hoagies “subs.” Idiots, the whole island. It’s good to be home for the holidays and blocks away from a Wawa.

  • Sorry guys, Dangaioh, in it’s original, uncut, unedited, dubbed format is awesome, so I partially agree with you. The version you watched was total shit because Manga entertainment can’t release anything that isn’t total crap. I thought this was a good review of the dubbed version by someone who is a big lover of the original show.

  • I looked down at my task bar and found that my last.fm tracker “scrobbled” Your podcast leading me to a page on last.fm for fast karate