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    How could you talk about Dreamcast fighters and not even mention Marvel vs. Capcom???? For shame.


  • Because Marvel versus Capcom sucks.

    I went there.

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  • Wasn’t Kabuki Warriors that game where you were a guy who killed computer viruses by smacking them with his hair?

  • I havent destroyed anything with my wii-mote. God, what a terrible name for a controler, sounds like something a retard would say.
    Im might try the replacement for the wii sensor bar, where you unplug it and place 2 candles where it would be. I hear that works better than the actuall censor bar.

  • Halo: The game you’re thinking of is kabuki, coincidentally referenced on the last podcast.

    Kabuki Warriors is a fighting game for the Xbox. It is maybe one of the worst games ever made.

  • Hey, if it weren’t for the Something Awful forums, I wouldn’t have found Anime World Order, which in turn led me to you guys, so yeah, props to SA.

    Anyway, you need to do a show about Akagi, for realz. It’s about yakuza playing high-stakes mahjong in as badass and manly a manner as possible. Half the time when I’m watching I have no idea what complicated rule Akagi is using to completely wreck some gangster’s day, but it fills me with burning passion nonetheless.

    The art’s kind of wierd, but it’s grown on me.

  • I probably already recommended Akagi to you guys, but I’ll second the above post. You may have to get some fansubs, because for some reason, they don’t think a show about yakuza who play Mahjong would do well in the US commercially.

    How does Kabuki Warriors compare with Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus? I get the two confused, because they both seem to be from a group of games that tried to make the XBox appeal to people who played Japanese games (also see: Sudeki). But that’s really neither here nor there.

  • The Joel

    Kabuki Warriors is terrible and so is Tao Feng, but from what I heard of Tao Feng it was much better than Kabuki Warriors. Of more interest than Tao Feng the game was the fact that the sound track included portions of the Quran (Koran?) being read, which outraged many muslims and caused the game to be removed from most locations in the U.S. Its like the Xbox’s very own Danish cartoon contest.

  • Joel, you’re actually thinking of Kakuto Chojin. That was the game that had the Koran in it. I remember quite vividly your obsession with trying to find a copy of it. Thankfully this task was never accomplished. I really think it’s better this way.

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    There’s one big reason I have to get the PS3 eventually: Gran Turismo 5. Imagine that on a 40″ LCD, using a proper steering wheel setup with a clutch pedal…

  • OK, you guys have to review Robot Alchemic Drive, unless you’ve talked about it already. Really good dubbing (good in a [i]good[/i] way) and very polarizing controls (I think they’re awesome). I also think that Cybernator needs a nod, even if it’s just to talk about how awesome the game is for like, three levels, oh, and Bangaioh, that’s another one.

    Also, love the hits on Something Awful.

    Also, Gran Turismo, just what I need, more painfully realistic driving physics that make me want to crack a controller in half, but IT’S IN HD!

  • What about Super Robot Taisen Original Generations or Tech Romancer? You mentioned it in the Mazinkaiser episode, but did really get into it…

  • Hey Super Robot Taisen OG 2 is out. I just picked that up today. Too bad Japan is getting the SRT game for the 360 and we arnt, since they all hate Microsoft. I would like to play that some day.

  • Ha…actually, I beat OG 2 yesterday. My eyes are extremely sore from it. It seems to be a really unusual decision that the next SRW game is going on 360, considering how bad that the first Xbox did, and that the 360 just isn’t that appealing to the Japanese as much as say the PS3 or Wii.

  • the xbox360 at least has some support in japan though, as i hear Blue Dragon is selling like crazy. that’s probably mostly due to the Akira Toriyama art design though.

  • the joel

    I think Dave and I have talked about Tech Romancer a couple of times. If not, let me just assure you that that is a good game. SRW looks fun, I’ve never played it though.

  • I cant play the second SRT yet because I havent beat the first! Im stuck on stage 37 (Kyosuke’s route). The boss is so freakin hard and I cant beat him. Ive tried everything and have played the level multiple times but it still ends up with me getting my tail kicked because of that stupid regeneration ability he has. Grrrr.

  • I don’t recall what specific boss that is, but the only way to beat the later bosses is to completely drain their energy (either use the energy down missiles, or use your weak attackers to whittle down their energy). Once that’s done and their barrier’s down, go full force with stuff like Valor and Rampage Ghost.

    It’s a lot easier than you’d think.

  • Use Alert, and Strike along with Energy Drain to Gespensts. Two turns of this, then Valor Rampage Ghost and use Latooni’s Enable spirit. That should help things go by faster.

  • Thanks so much, Ive wasted more than a couple of hours on that level.

  • No one seems to have mentioned the NES game Kabuki Quantum Fighter, which might be the mystery killing-things-with-your-hair game folks are talking about.

  • Jeff Tatarek

    Oh snap, I posted the above before looking at the entry for MAKAI TENSHO!