• Utter hilarity. even posibly more hilarious than the Atomic Warrior Valiant Denim. that hilarity is the Animal Crossing Liquor Store. I need to say no more.

  • I know you guys are probably really busy. I can relate. But are we still on for the Commando podcast? I’ve written several e-mails, but I haven’t gotten any response recently. If you don’t give me some kind of sign you’re still interested, Daryl and I may be forced to soldier on alone…

  • Gooberzilla, Daryl Surat and Fast Karate team-up? Holy crap, get Wolverine on the podcast and you guys will be exactly like the New Avengers. But not crappy.

  • I actually e-mailed you back a few days ago, or so I thought. I hit the ‘reply to all’ function so much at work that when I’m at home I can’t be bothered!

    I’ll resend the e-mail momentarily that will define our situation.

  • You’re effing shitting me? That is going to be awesome!

  • The Joel

    Daryl Surat and I spent a magical evening together but then he broke my heart. The only thing that could ever make me speak with him again is the movie Commando. Its just that good.

  • Wow…that voice clip at the end was fucked up.

    I always wonder what the voice actors think when they’re handed something like that. Is it just “lie back and think of England”, or do they actually have opinions on that stuff?

  • I think they might think about it for two seconds and then realize they’re getting paid for it. And indeed, that clip is effed up.