• I see you brazenly neglected to warn people about how much of a ripoff it is to gamble your money. I don’t think I ever actually made money, even at the blackjack table. And they want me to be playing the slot machine?! What REALLY makes the game so punishing is the fact that you can’t block but everybody else can. You end up having to do a whole lot of cartwheels, usually after every second punch or so.

    I really wish the God Hand song would get stuck in my head. Perhaps I should break it up into pieces and make everyone’s cellphone ringtones different verses from it. As it stands, I’m in a terrible mental state that I thought I’d remedied years ago, but so much time had passed that I forgot I ever HAD the problem until it was too late.

    You see, the sound stuck in my head is the sound of John Vickery making that hiYEAAAAAAAAAAHDOE sound.

    Just that.

  • I didn’t even enter the casino until the last level of the game, and even then only out of curiosity. Money wasn’t really much of a concern with me.

    Blackjack was easy to make money, especially considering it seems one out of four times you START with blackjack anyway. But winning 6000 gold at a time is for suckers. Bidding on the “Lucky Clover” dog in the Chihauhau races almost always nets a win (probaby 3 out of 4) even if it’s not favored.

    If you have to a lot of dodging (besides swaying), then you’re probably doing it wrong. Divide and conquer like any 2D beat ’em up! Of especial use is the running square and triangle attacks. As River City Ransom once said: Spin around the who place and beat them all!

  • A slight correction:

    The echnida, also known as the spiny ant-eater, is not a marsupial, but rather it is one of the few egg-laying mammals.

    Also, Skate and Blaze own in Streets of Rage 2. Axel is probably the weakest character, IMO.

    Damn, I wish they still made 2-d, side-scrolling beat-em-ups.

  • Anonymous

    Unless I’m some kind of idiot, my podcatcher doesn’t see show 56 in the RSS feed…

  • Well I checked on gamespot, and it gets an 8.0 I am gonna check this one out. I seen the pictures and it looks funny

  • Anonymous: I see it in iTunes (and am able to download it). I’m not sure what the problem might be…

    Goki: I don’t even know what being a marsupial means. Your corrections fall on deaf ears.

    Erwin: For $30 I think just about anyone should take a gander at this, but I guess the caveat is that I assume everyone likes what I like. Buyer beware, but if you have the testicular fortitude it’s worth your time.

  • I was really late downloading this one, but I like it as much as all the other episodes. keep the quality flowing.
    p.s.- a marsupial is an animal that lays eggs, and then raises its young in a pouch on its body. (sorry, I just had to let the nerdiness go sometime. )

  • I must have sunk at least three hundred dollars in the “Alien Versus Predator” side-scroller, a quarter at a time over my undergrad career…

  • I think marsupials actually give live birth, but when they do the baby marsupial (be it possum, wallaby, kangeroo, etc.) is ferociously under-developed. It looks like a zombie fetus from Arsenic Lullaby. Anyway, the baby marsupial then struggles up into its mother’s pouch, where it nurses and completes the rest of its growth.

    Gross, huh?

  • The word you’re all grasping for here is “monotreme”. The echidna and the duck-billed platypus are the sole surviving members of this strange egg-laying offshoot of mammalian life.

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