Show #54: Big Adventures in Little New York

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This week we (belatedly) talk about our time at the very first SitaCon!

Sorry if the edit is crappy(er than usual). I rushed through it, we only finished recording about an hour ago.

Second class citizens

Videogames courtesy of the Night Shift Guys
Notice my patented (retarded) “videogame lip bite”

The Artist’s Alley, or lack thereof


The truth is revealed

Darth Vader Jr. Current Net Income: 130k (and a Chevette)

  • Fast Karate (For The Gentleman) is the only podcasts, among the 2 dozen or so I subscribe to, that I listen to multiple times. I think I’ve listened through the archives TWICE. And I don’t even watch anime much (did watch Ep. 8 of Samurai Champloo last night though. . . hilarious). I’d buy a t-shirt that had “The speed of your karate is the only thing that can save you.” on it. Well, I’d think about buying it. I don’t really buy many t-shirts with writing on them anymore. But seriously. . . infinite replay value on these things. You’re creating sonic gold.


    How does not watching robot anime make one a “real” anime fan. As a life long watcher of robot anime I think I’m the real anime fan while all those others are mere posers!

  • Gerald, we all know that “real” anime fans watch DearS and He is My Master to the exclusion of all other shows, and that we robot anime fans are only real in the whispy, insubstantial, semi-solid, imported from the Plane of Shadow sense, ala many of the higher level illusion spells described in the historical document known as “The Player’s Handbook”.

    Which reminds me, I’ve owned many editions of “The Player’s Handbook”, and yet somehow, I am still not a “playah”.

    Apparently, I’m doing it wrong.

  • Everyone knows that REAL anime fans watch bleeding edge 0-day fansubs like “Kurumi Kurumi Sewing Adventure” and “Doinky Panic Jumpsuit START!!”

    Real anime fans don’t watch pedestrian crap like Votoms. THE EARTH NEEDS PANTIES.

  • Anonymous

    Excuse me…the word you’re looking for is clearly “pantsu,” you big baka.

    Furthermore! I’ll have you know, good sir, that Doinky Panic Jumpsuit START!! is no less than the greatest anime EVAR. Believe it!


  • All this arguing about real anime fans watching robot shows, or real anime fans watching DearS. You guys don’t know crap. Real anime fans don’t even watch anime, they just read manga because they watched all the good anime already.


  • Great ending to this one!

    “Dave…this podcast is over.” “No, no! Don’t do that!” (glumphGLUMPHglumph) (click)

    So are you guys ever going to talk about Godannar, the way I suggested that you should?

  • As Godannar is a show that will get you punched by your girlfriend / spouse / significant other, and as Joel is married, it might be best if we didn’t wish Godannar upon him.

    God, I hate that friggin’ show.