Show #51: Cyber Game Hard-On

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0:33 Megazone 23 III and 3/4

Joel: Hard on … that is all.
Dave: Well, not ALL, but most…

0:59 Rule of Rose

Joel: This game looked creepy, but apparently it was lame, most likely from polio. Within the time frame of the game, that is a contemporary reference.
Dave: I wish this game CAUGHT polio.

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3:12 Feel the rat!

6:44 Missing in Action

Joel: Chuck Norris hates Vietnam. Science fact.
Dave: Chuck Norris hates people that hate FREEDOM.

8:37 Samurai Champloo

Joel: If the premise is good enough, I’ll like even its most lackluster implementations. Rapping samurai’s is one such premise.
Dave: Beatboxing samurais are my personal kryptonite.

9:33 Earth Worm Jim and Secret of Mana

Joel: Well, there’s Dave’s and my childhood in their perspective nutshells.
Dave: Our lives feel sad now.

10:30 Megazone 23 I

Joel: City = space ship. Girl’s = easy. The eighties anime formula was followed perfectly.
Dave: Joel forgets one more. Hair = big.
Joel: Also green.

14:10 Mr Game and Watch

Joel: This character, well loved in my childhood, was resurrected by Smash Brothers Melee, and paid homage to by the animators of Mega Zone.
Dave: It’s really postmodern, if you think about it.

16:11 Strokes: A Dangerous side affect of anime production.

Joel: We normally talk about how anime affects its viewers, but its detrimental impact on its creators should not be ignored.
Dave: Use your head, guys!

16:58 Shinji Aramaki

Joel: This blog is practically a Shinji Aramaki fan site.
Dave: He’s my online pretend girlfriend.

18:01 Back to the Future II

Joel: I wish the Doc would have shown up and used his now trash powered Delorian to go back in time and stop Megazone 23 III from being created … if we had time after killing the parents of the creators of DearS, Desert Punk and Elfen Leid and investing in Microsoft.
Dave: I want to invest in potato futures.
Joel: I’m not going to let you do that.

23:06 Chekhov’s Gun

Joel: There is nothing discrete about how Megazone 23 III does anything.

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24:17 Zerg Rush!

24:34 Hard ON

Joel: This show could only be made more interesting by references to a turgid penis. And yes, that is the gayest thing I’ve ever said.
Dave: Turgid penis? Joel secretly writes pirate-based female-demographic romance novels under the pen name “Enola Gaye”

26:13 The Last Star Fighter

Joel: Dave skipped right past this reference. Goki, do a podcast about it.
Dave: Goki, do a podcast about why I’m awesome and Joel smells.

27:32 Samurai 7

Joel: IFC tried to capitalize on the anime craze by broadcasting this show. Akira Kurosawa it ain’t, but its definitely a passable show.
Dave: You want to know what IFC is showing next? GUNSLINGER GIRL.

28:36 Space Harrier

Joel: Space Harrier: good by itself, great when its a mini game.
Dave: Excuse me, have you seen any sailors?