Show #45: Otakon 2006: New Friends

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Dave sez: Where are the shownotes? Has zombie godzilla taken them?

0:01 Hate hate hate

Joel: Nice try Mark but our karate is so strong no one can handle it, which is why no one listens to us.
Dave: Save your breath Joel, spammers don’t speak english.

2:36 back to back microphone madness

Joel:Dave and I can now live out our wildest 80s glam rock fantasies.
Dave: And you can listen to us in (almost, sorta) high fidelity sound!

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5:30 I wish Dave knew this saying

Joel: “I wish I knew then what I know now.” There, now it actually makes sense.
Dave: I wish I knew how to make you shut up.

6:20 Alpha Shade gets their propers

Joel: These guys have been cool with Dave and Skabs for a while, and now they have a link on this podcast.
Dave: Because they totally need it.

7:26 John Skabla

Joel: Big sissy girl … who can also draw.
Dave: Also, the ‘big’ is under question.

9:07 Sic Productions

Joel: I’m pretty sure everything Dave said was gibberish. Still, Abelard did write a book called Sic et Non.
Dave: You’re treading on thin ice, Joel.

13:39 AWO and Ninja Consultants

Joel: These podcasts are comprised of 100% awesome people.
Dave: Except for Daryl Surat.
Joel: Wait, what?

16:01 Urusei Yatsura and Ranma

Joel: Dave once again endears himself to the anime community.
Dave: Never, not even in the face of armageddon, never compromise.

18:14 Ninja Consultants Promo

Dave: This promo is ‘lol-tastic’

20:28 Ninja Gaiden

Joel: This game was impossible. I was thoroughly convinced the two gargoyles were the last boss based entirely on how hard they were.
Dave: Why the eff is the last boss of a Japanese game named Jacquito?
Joel: A better question, one raised many times over, is why an eagle can take off more life than a bullet.

21:30 Clown Pistols

Joel: Daryl also quoted John Wilkes Boothe as he fired. Classic.
Dave: Hey Mr. History, how about he quoted BRUTUS.

27:52 Open Arms

Joel: Man, Journey is awesome!

28:49 Silent Hill Panel

Joel: Imagine someone reading to you in preschool. Now take away a story book with a bear and a mischievious squirrel and replace it with three girls giggling at each other and sometimes telling you about Silent Hill.
Dave: Wait, what Silent Hill?

31:32 King of Fighters Cosplay

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31:56 Silent Hill Plot Summary

Joel: This guy spent a lot of timing failing school to produce this.
Dave: I’m pretty sure he was like 35 when he made it.
Joel: That’s sad. :(

34:16 Gradius

Joel: Is Gradius really that soothing?
Dave: No. But relative to anime fans…

40:43 Dave now has an arch nemesis

Joel: Christina Auten will soon be getting mainstream press attention because a crazed fan is going to murder her husband.
Dave: If she doesn’t like her husband that much, her skyrocketing career will be just one of two things she has to thank me for!
Joel: What’s the other thing?
Dave: My tremendous wang.
Joel: I have to go.

45:24 Hypocrisy?

Joel: Dave and I can’t be hypocritical because in order to be hypocritical we would need to be wrong.
Dave: I was wrong once, but it was only about me not always being right.