Show #39: We Stole This Show From AWO

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This podcast sounds familiar… where have I heard it before?

0:15 The Denizens of Hell

Joel: Apparently its true, I am.
Dave: I wouldn’t lie Joel, not about denizens.

1:21 Dary Surat: King of the Intertron… but no denizens.

Joel: Your pretty cool Daryl, but where your denizens at?
Dave: Actually, all the AWO people have twenty four denizens, they’re all just very small.

3:20 Patlabor 1

Joel: Patlabor is a good movie, but it looks like the original Manga DVDs were pressed by hand.
Dave: And then run through a tractor engine.
Joel: Keith Burgess, why?!

4:30 Earth Final Conflict

Joel: That guy, the one with the pony tail, was cool. I guess.
Dave: Speak bad about Augur again and I’ll molly whup you into a wall.


5:44 Planescape: Torment

Dave: Big boys don’t have time to play computer roleplaying games.
Joel: Well they do, but only if they can beat out a gnat’s attention span.
Dave: So I guess it’s just me, then.
Joel: Pretty much.

7:10 M.D. Geist

Joel: Come talk to me when its Ninja Ressurection, Daryl.
Dave: Yeah ‘really lame’ has nothing on ‘Evil jesus raping a girl with his dismembered finger’

10:16 CPM SpokesMecha

Joel: Not only is this a lame logo, the thing that makes it ostensibly cool, the “robot”, is totally weak.
Dave: Football power armor, go!

11:13 Air Master

Joel: I saw about three minutes of this before Kathy walked in during a large breast joke. That was fun!
Dave: Enjoy TWELVE MORE EPISODES of it. After that it calms down… sorta. It’s worth it, because Maki’s totally the business.

“The business” = secret code for totally hot

14:38 A travesty

Street Fighter Alpha: The Lost Character

Joel: There were a lot of character designs in this game that were somewhat weak.
Dave: Joel, you poor naive man, you don’t know just how much Rainbow Mika porn there is out there.
Joel: And you’re pitying ME?

18:36 Orange Slices = fansubs = diabetes

Joel: That right there is science fact.
Dave: I was in the grocery less than an hour ago, looking at the orange slices, and I said ‘no!! don’t let the fansubs win!’
Joel: Don’t be a fatty kids, don’t download fansubs.

19:15 Psychonauts

Joel: This is probably one of the best games that has ever come out on any system. Visually interesting, consistently suprising and challenging. That’s the trifecta.
Dave: Also it distracts Callan while I play Final Fantasy XI for six hours straight. Double bonus!

23:18 Number 9

Joel: This guy was the man. How can a machete be on fire? How?
Dave: That’s like asking how the host can be both bread and Jesus. It’s a question that cannot be naturally answered by the laws of common man.


24:35 Tim Schaffer

Joel: From now on I’m camping out in front of this guys house.
Dave: I’m gonna call the cops.

25:26 Resident Evil Design Scheme: Rinse and repeat

Joel: Basically, all they did with this franchise was clean up each game a little and then release it.
Dave: And add sweet-ass GIANT MONSTERS.

26:09 Gun Survivor

Joel: What should not have survived was this game.
Dave: And its creators…

27:33 Stokholm Syndrome

Joel: I like that we compare something as psychologically damaging as being held hostage, fearing for your life for days on end, with watching a lame T.V. show. Maybe, just maybe, we lack a little perspective.
Dave: Yeah right! I’d rather be held hostage TWICE than watch Evangelion again.