Show #34: The Dark Spectre of Moe

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Shownotes by Joel:

In spite of DearS: This podcast is awesome.

o:36 December?

Joel: Its May! MAY!
Dave: Not in my heart.

o:58 Antarctica = adorable

Joel: Penguins are safe, even while wearing headphones, because there are no polar bears in
antarctica and leopard seals don’t really come on the land that often.
Dave: I’m unconvinced. Polar Bears can appear anywhere.

2:48 Bald Illuminati

Joel: Man, everything about that guy makes me think he should have been shot. He even had one of those blue tooth ear bud phones. Arrrgh!
Dave: Drug dealers have them, and they get shot ALL THE TIME!

5:32 Mathemagician

Joel: The actual number is 14992.24537037037… per second.
Dave: If anyone could do it, it’d be Keifer Sutherland.

6:10 DearS

Dave: S is for slave, wink, wink.
Joel: Add one more thing to the list of terrible, terrible things Japan has brought to the world. Dave: Elfen Lied (click here to listen to us talk about the show… again) was an obvious threat, this is like some sort of sleeper cell. Like a terrorist organization infiltrating the core of your very being.

10:18 Take this Japan!

Joel: If you ever feel like this might be an okay idea, just remember the 13th amendmant was written for people like you, jerk hole!
Dave: God bless George Washington.
Joel: Uh…

11:46 Moe …. ewwWWWW!

Joel: This stuff is whack! Whack I say!
Dave: Some might say “wikkity” whack.
Joel: They would be correct.

This is what Japan considers “hot”.

14:15 Anime Community gets a thumbs down

Joel: Man, we didn’t even make the cut for good! This guy Dave is a jerk.
Dave: No he’s not, I know him and he’s a cool dude!
Joel: Slash? I’m gonna be sick.

17:27 I shall return

Joel: Mccarthur, you could have saved the world a lot trouble by letting people see some junk, for real.
Dave: The ability to see female genetalia gave us PEARL HABOR. Do you want that to happen again Joel?

20:30 Motion sickness

Dave: If you get motion sickness, not matter how natural it is, you are wussier than the wussiest girl.
Joel: Get it together, wussy.

21:25 Treating a person with shock

Joel: Man, Dave, some friend you are. I COULD HAVE DIED!
Dave: By commonwealth law, if you die your podcast co-host is allowed to have your wife.
Joel: I don’t that’s true at all.
Dave: I don’t think you can prove that it’s NOT.

22:55 The Seraglio Sequence

Joel: I can’t believe I mentioned Montesquieu. I’m nerdier than all the nerds.
Dave: I refuse to disagree with that statement.

23:44 Chronicles of Gor

Joel: I recant my earlier statement regarding nerdiness.

25:41 MY MIND!

Joel: I feel like the world just imploded! Women created this?
Dave: That’s what they call the Stockholm Syndrome.
Joel: Or just plain lame.
Dave: Also that.

31:48 American Apparel

Joel: That is an actual link to a site purporting to sell clothing. Watch the first slide show. Does that make you think of clothing?
Dave: It makes me think about removing clothing…

This is what America considers “hot”.