Show #34: The Dark Spectre of Moe

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Shownotes by Joel:

In spite of DearS: This podcast is awesome.

o:36 December?

Joel: Its May! MAY!
Dave: Not in my heart.

o:58 Antarctica = adorable

Joel: Penguins are safe, even while wearing headphones, because there are no polar bears in
antarctica and leopard seals don’t really come on the land that often.
Dave: I’m unconvinced. Polar Bears can appear anywhere.

2:48 Bald Illuminati

Joel: Man, everything about that guy makes me think he should have been shot. He even had one of those blue tooth ear bud phones. Arrrgh!
Dave: Drug dealers have them, and they get shot ALL THE TIME!

5:32 Mathemagician

Joel: The actual number is 14992.24537037037… per second.
Dave: If anyone could do it, it’d be Keifer Sutherland.

6:10 DearS

Dave: S is for slave, wink, wink.
Joel: Add one more thing to the list of terrible, terrible things Japan has brought to the world. Dave: Elfen Lied (click here to listen to us talk about the show… again) was an obvious threat, this is like some sort of sleeper cell. Like a terrorist organization infiltrating the core of your very being.

10:18 Take this Japan!

Joel: If you ever feel like this might be an okay idea, just remember the 13th amendmant was written for people like you, jerk hole!
Dave: God bless George Washington.
Joel: Uh…

11:46 Moe …. ewwWWWW!

Joel: This stuff is whack! Whack I say!
Dave: Some might say “wikkity” whack.
Joel: They would be correct.

This is what Japan considers “hot”.

14:15 Anime Community gets a thumbs down

Joel: Man, we didn’t even make the cut for good! This guy Dave is a jerk.
Dave: No he’s not, I know him and he’s a cool dude!
Joel: Slash? I’m gonna be sick.

17:27 I shall return

Joel: Mccarthur, you could have saved the world a lot trouble by letting people see some junk, for real.
Dave: The ability to see female genetalia gave us PEARL HABOR. Do you want that to happen again Joel?

20:30 Motion sickness

Dave: If you get motion sickness, not matter how natural it is, you are wussier than the wussiest girl.
Joel: Get it together, wussy.

21:25 Treating a person with shock

Joel: Man, Dave, some friend you are. I COULD HAVE DIED!
Dave: By commonwealth law, if you die your podcast co-host is allowed to have your wife.
Joel: I don’t that’s true at all.
Dave: I don’t think you can prove that it’s NOT.

22:55 The Seraglio Sequence

Joel: I can’t believe I mentioned Montesquieu. I’m nerdier than all the nerds.
Dave: I refuse to disagree with that statement.

23:44 Chronicles of Gor

Joel: I recant my earlier statement regarding nerdiness.

25:41 MY MIND!

Joel: I feel like the world just imploded! Women created this?
Dave: That’s what they call the Stockholm Syndrome.
Joel: Or just plain lame.
Dave: Also that.

31:48 American Apparel

Joel: That is an actual link to a site purporting to sell clothing. Watch the first slide show. Does that make you think of clothing?
Dave: It makes me think about removing clothing…

This is what America considers “hot”.
  • Tim

    The only thing I feel I must point out about DearS, and this is without having seen the show, only read the manga, the slavery issue is much more prevalent and presented in not a pleasant light in the manga version.
    While the DearS are still essentially sex slaves, they were engineered to be that, and part of the plot is the various characters trying to overcome that.
    It’s also not just female slaves, but the men do get a shitload less focus than the females.

    It’s not quite Gor (and even the writer of that series has expressed regret at having written it), and it technically has a reasonable point, it just expresses it in the most asinine way possible.

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