Dark Souls 3 review for Anime News Network!

My Dark Souls 3 review is up at ANN! Writin’ something that says “this both mildly disappointed & supremely elated me” is one of the tougher things. 😦 Did the best I could! It’s not likely I’ll ever hit the same burnout with Souls games that I have with Etrian Odyssey, where I feel like I…
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This Hollow Body

On the eve before battle a young werewolf, Rowena, dreads the change of her shape. When Malak arrives, the two grasp for whatever small comfort they can find.

Resident Evil Zero Review

I’m not gonna waste your time with the “how come Becky turned into an ultra-wimp in RE1 after she mowed down 500 zombies in RE0?” But I *wiil* waste your time with “how come Becky doesn’t get any rad powers in Wesker mode even though she has red eyes and one of those Jill Valentine space bugs on her chest?”