Show #533: How Many Of Them Do You Milk?

It’s been a long time, but if you think about it, this 90+ minute podcast represents fully 2-3x the amount of jaw-jabbering you normally get, so if you tabulate it out that way it’s like we’re barely missing any podcasts at all!

And holy criminy, what a podcast indeed! In the world of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided there’s way more to do than punch people and we talk about all of it! And I mean all of it. You’ve got your Dialogue Boss Battles you got your Hacking Computer Minigames you got your Climbing Through Conspiciously Available/Large Ventilation Ducts you got your Hey, Does This Game Actually Have A Story? I Mean Like, In The Traditional Sense and you know you got your Inappropriate Corporate Meddling From Our Japanese Game Company Share Holders.

What a rush! And I haven’t even talked about the punching people yet!

Oh wait, that was the first thing I talked about!?

Show #530: Top Ten Kisses Of Yamacha??

Man, you know Momodora must rock because, between our real-time chronicle of the adventures of General Ambrose Burnside, our fretting over the welfare of the planet (and/or whether or not Vikings were dicks (and/or the worrying amount of depth you can get into about how directly the people of Dune ate their own poop to survive)), and our cutting, existen[z]tial dread about the humanity of [Tien’s best friend] Chiaotzu, we hardly spend any time talking about it at all!!