BD4PP 2016!

It’s that time of year again! The donation drive is on! Join Dave, Graz, Ian (and friends!) on Saturday, November 5th for 25 hours of deadly and dangerous streaming in support of Planned Parenthood! Learn more at

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Thanks to the clerical work of WealthyAardvark, I was able to quickly & easily organize the Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes portion of our 24-hour stream into a Youtube playlist. I would apologize for the video errors, but I feel like our relationship is so far past that at this point it would just come…
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#BD4PP2015 Promo Edition

Just a quick reminder for people who listen to the podcast but don’t read the blog/tumblr/twitter, but you don’t need a reminder, because you’re reading the blog; much like Caspere, you already knew dis!