Show #530: Top Ten Kisses Of Yamacha??


Man, you know Momodora must rock because, between our real-time chronicle of the adventures of General Ambrose Burnside, our fretting over the welfare of the planet (and/or whether or not Vikings were dicks (and/or the worrying amount of depth you can get into about how directly the people of Dune ate their own poop to survive)), and our cutting, existen[z]tial dread about the humanity of [Tien’s best friend] Chiaotzu, we hardly spend any time talking about it at all!!

Revengecast S02E20 – Engagement


Listen Up! This episode is the best guys, bringing us the potent, truest form of Revenge melodrama. Like the MAIN conflict is about Emily wanting to move to Paris with Victoria’s son. The woman would be willing to kill over this. They use the super dangerous drama music and everything. YOURE MOVING OUT ?!?!?!?! MURDER!!!!! Also prominently…
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